It’s official: Microsoft is no longer offering Windows 10 product keys on its product pages, even though it’s only January 31st.

Microsoft informed Its customers spoke about the move in January, saying the last day it would offer its Windows 10 downloads was at the end of said month. While it’s still technically January 31st in some parts of the world, it’s no longer possible to access the page for Windows 10 licenses. In particular, visit windows 10 home And windows 10 pro Product pages now take users windows 11 Product page.

This means bad news for those hoping to shop at the last minute to build a Windows 10 PC. Fortunately, Windows 10 licenses will still be offered by third-party retailers, although the availability of said product won’t be sufficient forever.

On the other hand, while the product will no longer be offered on the Microsoft website, Windows 10 users will still be able to use their OS, as the EOS date for Windows 10 PCs is in 2025.

“Windows 10 will be supported with security updates that help protect your PC against viruses, spyware, and other malware until October 14, 2025,” Microsoft assure you,

Microsoft made the move to cut down on Windows 10 downloads on its sites as it continues to push more users to adopt its latest OS, Windows 11. At present, Windows 10 is still the largest operating system. Worldwide Windows Edition Market Share at 68.75%. Meanwhile, Windows 11, despite receiving frequent updates and new features, still sits at 18.13%.

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