Microsoft reminded its customers today of Windows 10 21H2 End-of-Service (EOS), coming on June 13, 2023. This will affect versions released in November 2021, such as Windows 10 Home, version 21h2; Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H2; Windows 10 Pro Education, Version 21H2; and Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, version 21H2.

“These versions will no longer receive security updates after June 13, 2023,” Microsoft reminded in its latest Announcement, “Customers who contact Microsoft Support after this date will be directed to update their device to the latest version of Windows 10 or upgrade to Windows 11 to remain supported.”

Microsoft noted that the June 2023 Security Update of Windows 10 21H2 will be the last update it will receive. This signals the discontinuation of updates for EOS version 21H2, specifically the security and monthly quality updates. This can expose users to potential issues without necessary future security patches and bug fixes. With this, the Redmond company encourages users to get or upgrade to Windows 10 22H2 (Windows 10 2022 Update). windows 11, The former is available from November 2022 to users running Windows 10 20H2 or later via Windows Update. Microsoft said it will also push the update to consumer and non-managed business devices running Windows 10 20H2.

“To help keep you safe and productive, Windows Update will automatically start a feature update for Windows 10 consumer devices and non-managed business devices that are within several months of reaching the end of servicing. supported and receives monthly updates that are critical to the safety and health of the ecosystem.

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