Being the product of two wildly successful entertainers constantly scrutinizing the media doesn’t phase Willow Smith.

Born to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow has gained fame throughout her life.

The “Meet Me At Our Spot” singer is a vocal musician in her own right along with her older brother, Jaden Smith.

In March, her father stormed the Oscars stage after taking issue with comedian Chris Rock, a joke at Jada’s expense. slapped the comedian, went back to his seat and shouted, “Put my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

The Smith family and the Rock have mostly remained silent since the incident, offering short remarks or telling brief jokes.

The Rock is reportedly not interested in an exchange of happiness with Smith.

In a new interview with Billboard, Willow says the infamous slap “didn’t shake me as much as my own inner demons.”

Willow was quick to defend her father.

“I see my entire family as human beings, and I love and accept them for all humanity,” the 21-year-old said.

“Sometimes our humanity is not accepted because of the position we are in, and we are expected to act in a way that is not conducive to a healthy human life and to be honest ”

Her words are similar to those of her father, who shared his reflections on what happened in a recent video.

The “Men in Black” star added, “I can tell you all that there is no part of me that thinks this was the right way to behave in that moment.” “There’s no part of me that thinks this is the best way to handle feelings of disrespect or humiliation.”

One of Smith’s sons posted his opinion about the slap, taking to Twitter hours after it happened.

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