Hulu decided not to return Castle Rock for one third season, after premiering in July 2018 and returning for a second season October 2019TVLine has learned that the anthology horror series has been cancelled.

Castle RockMain, setting for many Stephen King’s books, was the backdrop for new mysteries that incorporated characters and settings from King’s canon. For example, Andre Holland plays a death row attorney henry deaver In the first season, and after the arrival of an unknown person (Bill Skarsgård) he moves back to Castle Rock Shawshank State Prison,

About the series “Castel Rock”

Psychological horror series “Castle Rockpremiered in 2018 But Hulu, It is located in the fictional Maine town Castle Rockthat appears in abundance stephen king novels,

Reason for Hulu Castle Rock cancellation revealed

The series focuses on several people and plotlines associated with the town, such as Henry Deaver, a death row attorney who arrives at Castle Rock to investigate a mysterious case, and Molly Strand, a clairvoyant real estate agent. Music greats include Andre Holland, Melanie LynskeySissy Spacek and bill skarsgard, In 2019, the second season premiered with a new plot and cast of characters. Afterwards two seasonsDespite favorable reviews, the show was shelved.

Why was Castle Rock cancelled?

Hulu’s decision to terminate Castle Rock It had nothing to do with ratings or viewership after two seasons. Instead, it was based on the reality that the series was always meant to be closed. Story of Annie Wilkes,

The company’s focus has shifted substantially hbo max, for other reasons. There is no doubt that this is the case, but it may also be that there are many other wonderful Stephen King books that could be adapted into tv moviesAnd that focusing on the program will shut out a lot of those possibilities.

Will there be a Season 3 of Castle Rock?

In Castle Rock, Season 3 there is still hope for a Hulu Come back There are quite a few stories set in Castle Rock (about 15), but the decision to end the series was made before the public became aware of it.

Reason for Hulu Castle Rock cancellation revealed

no one had heard anything about third Season Of Castle Rock for a whole year. The longer the delay in an announcement, the more apparent it becomes that tourists will no longer be able to visit Shawshank State Prison at Castle Rock or the lot in Jerusalem. season 2 Of Castle Rock premiered on December 11, 2019And Hulu confirmed late 2020 That the show has been canceled permanently. There have been no promising signs of a possible relaunch on another platform.

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