The fun thing about working in a field you’re really interested in, namely technology, is that you get really excited about what’s next. New and unique foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Oppo Find N are already here, and Apple’s AR Glass could be just around the corner. What a time to live!

And while it’s great and convenient to have access to them through the brands themselves, I myself have been buying and selling phones and tablets constantly for almost a decade, so I can try out basically any device I find interesting. .

And what I’ve generally found interesting are large-screen Android phones, although I’ve found myself finally using an iPhone long-term (iPhone 12 mini) over the course of the past 12 months. For three reasons, that is – being able to see things from an Apple user’s point of view, getting familiar with the fully capable Apple ecosystem, and… well, finally trying out a small flagship phone for once.

And while using the smaller iPhone 12 mini was a fun experience, it recently felt like it was time for me to go back to my roots – the bigger Android phone. So a few days ago I was searching for what’s new. And I don’t just jump on the mainstream flag. Everyone already knows them, including me. I usually look for well-priced mid-rangers to get what matters most to me.

And I’m happy to report that Android mid-rangers have come a long way. You have to work hard to stumble upon something bad these days. In any case, here’s where I landed…

I chose the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G, here’s why…

Now, my colleagues already know that I am very fond of Xiaomi phones, because in my experience they are well priced and quite reliable for a long time. My dad still uses the good old Xiaomi Mi Max 2 I gifted him many years ago; The phone is still working fine despite countless drops.

So now why did I choose this particular 2022 Redmi mid-ranger?

Well, because yes, it has everything I’d want from a Slab phone – or shall we say, almost everything. Nothing is perfect, is it? Here’s what I was looking for, what attracted me to this phone, and what I found…

True Dual Stereo Speakers – A Rare Sight!

This can be one of those cases where something looks good and promising, but it turns out – it’s not that good. This Redmi phone caught my attention mainly for having “true” dual stereo speakers – one on each side of the phone.

Now, what are “true” dual stereo speakers? Well, most brands claim that their phones have dual stereo speakers, but what they really mean is that the very weak earpiece doubles as a main speaker and a second speaker. It’s not the same as two, with equally powerful speakers on both sides of the phone.

Usually the main speaker delivers the lows and mids, while the earpiece just picks out the high frequencies. It gives a stereo-ish effect, and it’s better than nothing, but it’s not what I’d call “true” dual stereo speakers.

However, this Redmi boasts of identical dual stereo speakers, still tuned by JBL. And yes, since the sound quality of the phone is as important to me as the screen quality, I was excited. The last “true” dual speaker phone I used was the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, and it sounded top tier! Watching YouTube videos or movies with good speakers is the way to go.

But on this Redmi… well, yes, the speakers sound loud and clear, and since they are on the opposite side of the phone – there is a satisfying stereo effect too, but… even the iPhone 12 mini I am using It had more bass.

See, this is an Android phone problem in general – Apple’s iPhones crush the competition when it comes to bass reproduction, and only gaming phones like the ROG, amongst a few others, measure up to that level (to our phones). Check out the best speakers list) ) Regardless, the Redmi still sounds better than most Android phones I’ve tried. I still appreciate its dual stereo sound.

An SD card slot, because I still like to own things, not “rent” them

Remember when you bought movies and music, and later you owned them? Those were good times. We now pay for subscription services, so not only do we need to be online to listen to our music or watch our movies, but you have to pay for multiple services to be able to access everything.

For example, a lot of your favorite movies might be on Amazon Prime or Disney+, but some of the new stuff you want to see might be on Netflix… So, it’s a bit messy.

I still love owning things, and over the past 15 years I’ve amassed a huge collection of show seasons, movies, and music that I’ve backed up from DVDs, one right before owning every laptop and PC. DVD stopped. player.

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