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Spencer Kornhaber, a staff writer for The Atlantic who writes about music and popular culture, was the featured guest on the culture edition. Spencer recently released his picks for the top ten albums of 2022 after visiting Reykjavk, Iceland, this past profile for Björk. He likens the cast of The Empire Strikes Back, delves into the BeReal craze and claims that Lady Gaga is the only current celebrity performer who is as thrillingly meaningless as she is.

Spencer Kornhaber’s Culture Survey

What my friends are talking about the most now is this: I will disclose this without feeling embarrassed: we had a few chill evenings with my partner playing God of War Ragnarok with our friends. A fantasy tale about fate, fatherhood and forgiveness is given an HBO-level of depth in the most recent episode of the Slashy and Stabbing video game series. Additionally, it has introduced me to some of the wonders of Norse mythology, including Ratatoskar, the sassy squirrel who scales the Tree of Life.

My favorite blockbuster and favorite art film are both the Star Wars movies, and The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite rewatch from that galaxy. Star Wars takes up at least a quarter of my head at any given time. The acting in the recent scenes somehow enthralls me despite the fact that this is usually my least favorite aspect of any Star Wars movie. The set design and twisting plot would have no impact without the comedic timing of Anthony Daniels and the immense magnetism of Harrison Ford. forgive.

I Heart Huckabees, a quirky 2004 comedy about “survivalist spies,” has long been one of my favorites when it comes to art flicks. It stars Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin, Isabelle Huppert, Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg and Naomi Watts as main cast members (with cameo roles for Jean Smart and a young Jonah Hill!). The frenetic pace of the film, which keeps the audience engaged throughout, is perhaps its strongest point.

I’ll always dance to this tune: Since I first heard this eight-minute flute-heavy remix of Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” at a rooftop party with a wonderfully ridiculous smoke machine pumping the afternoon air, it Has been a mainstay in my playlist.

Favorite Sweet Song: “Tinu Iwe,” along with the rest of artist B.O.J’s most recent album, has a rippling smoothness that I can’t get enough of.

Favorite Angry Song: “Awful Lies” from Nine Inch Nails’ live album And All That Could Have Been is one of my all-time favorites. Years ago, my nose started bleeding while playing it.

I love the following online artist: Everyone should enroll in a class taught by Marnie T, the unconventional wellness teacher who has been raising consciousness during the pandemic. We recently met Timothy, a young man from a small town whose journey to West Hollywood has sent him down an exciting new road. The other characters invented by comedian, Brian Jordan Alvarez, are just as interesting and worthy of study.

My favorite album is “Diva” by Annie Lennox, I used to act out the legendary tales of these songs in my living room as a little kid. (Thank the stars for a childhood without social media.) I’m still enthralled by Lennox’s fusion of sterile synth pop and passionate gospel even as an adult.

I love this painting: My couch print of a Jasper Johns map has been entertaining me for years: Thanks to Johns’s mixed torrent of oranges, reds and blues, the boundaries within North America continually reveal new shapes . My admiration for Johns is further strengthened by his Whitney Museum retrospective in 2021-2022. Over many years, this man painted many, outrageously many variations of the same motif. Those pieces, both individually and collectively, liquefy reality and reveal the harmony of the universe. Also, lovely colours!

My favorite article from The Atlantic: James Parker’s 2010 assessment of Lady Gaga stands out because it’s usually the last thing I read from him and I’ve spent over a decade plagiarizing it. He perfectly encapsulates Gaga’s “contradictory elegance” and sense of pop (“An ecstatic and superhit nothingness”). He also predicts that “nobody” will replace him. It’s true that early Gaga destroyed the foundations of pop. Since then, there hasn’t been a celebrity singer as exciting, impressively vain as him.

Put yourself in a group of people who are pleasantly engrossed in the BeReal craze; This is my favorite way to waste time on my phone. Even on this so-called no-nonsense photo app, authenticity is an impossible goal to achieve, but I still love the way it inspires users to take a new interest in their regular surroundings. .

The most recent cultural disagreement involved whether or not I included Rosella’s Motomami on my list of top ten albums of the year. Despite the fact that I admire her and have listened to “Saoko” over and over again, something about the order of the album causes me to be “impressed but not obsessed” with it. I’m the only critic who didn’t mention it. [Related: The rise of flamenco]

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was this: Teri Jo, a TikTok user who is a sweet Christian woman and a great interviewer/opponent of celebs, hosts a livestream that talks about our current moment of queer panic. Similar to The Colbert Report. Last time she made a facial expression that reminded me of a Taylor Swift song, I snorted.

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