At long last, when the humans of Dragon Ball actually had something to do, which one rose to the highest level? Trust me or not, there was a time when the humans in Dragon Ball actually had something to do and then along came the Dragon Balls.

The Saiyans find themselves competing with villains on a cosmic level. Mostly, the human characters were left behind; However they should not be underestimated.

To be precise, every character in the Dragon universe is considered human by the gods, especially Earthlings who are not necessarily humans. An estimated 75% of Earth’s population is made up of regular human types while demons, half-breeds and anthropomorphic animals make up the remainder.

As long as they are produced from the earth, that will be enough for us. As this is a Dragon Ball Z list, characters like Launch and Mercenary Tao are not appearing, plus the pair will make a cameo as DBZ regulars or at the very least.

Here we are going to discuss who is the strongest man in DBZ? So keep scrolling down and read this entire article to know more precisely.

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farmer with gun

Farmer is one of the first characters introduced in Dragon Ball Z and also the first human face off against Raditz. Goku’s Saiyan brother says that Farmer’s power level should be just 5 and in all honesty we see Earthling characters in many world tournaments that possibly surpass him in power.

But as we do not have any definite proof and the farmer comes with his gun hence he finds a place in this list.

Satan –

Mister Satan is also known as Hercule and is a tall and muscular man known for his curly afro. Mister Satan cannot fly unless he uses a jetpack and he cannot use Key Blast. It was said that he has won the world tournament and that means he is a capable martial artist.

who is the strongest man in dbz

Yamu –

Yamu served the evil sorcerer Babidi and was assigned the task of collecting energy at the age of tournament of the world. Like his colleague, Yamu was more brilliant and intelligent and this shows that he was able to control his preternatural powers.

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People criticize Krillin for his many defeats, though Yamcha is far more useless in the face of greater threats. The former Desert Outlaw is repeatedly defeated by the freak of the week.

who is the strongest man in dbz

He has shown an incredible ability to keep up with the other Z-Fighters, at least to an extent. Let us not forget that he was capable of combating the Ginnu force and he is often training at the same level as his friends when the situation calls for action.

Chi Chi –

Chi-Chi is the daughter of the mighty Ox-King and she makes a first impression when she decapitates a T-Rex with a single throw of her blade. She appears as a flying little girl, but can become a deadly force of rage when provoked.

She even trains her young son Goten in martial arts and inspires him to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Widel –

Videl, the daughter of alleged world martial arts champion Mister Satan, grew up learning the art of combat. She soon became a formidable fighter and surpassed her showboat father. Driven to trial, she regularly fought crime while attending high school, possibly thanks to the energy of youth.

Grandpa Gohan –

Grandpa Gohan looks like a frail old man, although he raised the Saiyan kid Goku and trained him in the arts of war as he lived. He has great stamina and fighting expertise and was trained by Master Roshi and that means he is a top level fighter.


Krillin is a bald-headed monk and he is the butt of many jokes. However, he is still an incredible fighter when taken on on his own. He is defeated only when going against huge enemies, which is a difficult test in itself.

Master Roshi –

Known as the “Tortoise Sage”, Roshi is already a celebrity. dragon ball launch. His martial arts exploits are so legendary that even the most feared warriors, such as the Ox-King, are humbled in his presence. This is not surprising as he originated the Kamehameha, the destructive energy wave that became a series staple.

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