This is the future she can see, and here’s what the future holds for the cast Disney’s That’s So Raven.that’s so ravens raven baxter Could easily be described as many things: eccentric master of disguise, general fashion designer, queen of Disney Channel, but she’s undeniably best known for being a supernatural teenage psychic She goes.

That’s So Raven was a Disney Channel sitcom that followed the lively adventures of a high school raven, his best friend, and his family of four. It ran from 2003 to 2007, It spanned 100 episodes and was once the highest-rated Disney program in history, according to The AV Club.

And rightly so: no one can pull off Raven-Symoné’s physical comedy, impersonation, and catchy phrases, which certainly strongly influenced children’s use of the “Oh snap!” And “yes bad“As cheerfully and easily as she could.

The remarkable popularity of That’s So Raven led to not one, but two spinoffs. Cory in the House debuted in 2007 and focused on Raven’s younger brother. Corey He and his father relocated to Washington, D.C. when he got a job as the personal chef to the President.

ten years after, Raven And Chelsea became parents and roommates in the show’s revival, raven’s house, which is currently on its fifth season. Not every character from the original show returned for the reboot, so here’s where the rest of That’s So Raven’s cast is today, as well as those who return.


During the show’s four seasons, raven-symone played many other characters besides Raven Baxter.

there was a time when she pretended to be a Russian gymnast To impress a cute guy, the instance where she dressed as a plumber to spy on her best friends, the episode where she posed as a pop sensation named Liz Anya to save her father from being fired. Created a farce to save.

cast of that so raven

regardless of dress, Raven Was constantly on the prowl to come up with a disguise when needed. The same applies to Raven’s house, where the part-time security guard/plumber/exterminator/belly-dancing waitress has a hand in varying degrees.

annelise van der pol

Just the opposite of your funky fashionista best friend, Chelsea Daniels Was an animal-lover, vegan environmentalist and airhead.

Although she was certainly educated about anything related to nature, she “DumbA trio of besties (or “Three Blind Mice,” as she once called them when she couldn’t think of a better name).

he was portrayed by anellysee van der pole On the original series and its spinoff where her character was recently divorced with a son Levi,

Van der Pol has worked in musical theater since her days on the long-lived Children’s Network. Some of her most recent works include Thoroughly Modern Millie as the title character and Annie as Lily St. Regis.

Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown plays Raven’s other best friend Eddie Thomas, An aspiring rapper and basketball star. While playing Raven and Chelsea’s best friend, the actor branched out to other Disney shows, voicing the eponymous character in The Fillmore! With all sticky web Feather Proud family.

cast of that so raven

proud family was rebooted in 2021, with most of its cast and characters returning, but due to Brown’s legal issues, his character was written out of the show. In 2016, he was arrested on charges of domestic battery and drug possession, among other crimes.

After his release, he was arrested again in 2018 for illegal drug use, By 2021, She has clearly turned her life around and is now a graduate of a faith-based treatment center.

kyle massey

When Disney+ debuted in 2019, some were curious as to why they were able to tune in Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but wasn’t a childhood staple Corey in the house.

Some initially expected the show to see a delayed release on the platform, but when it stars kyle massey Convicted of indecent communication with a minor, users concluded that they had seen Raven’s younger brother in 2008.

T’keyah Crystal Keymáh

if you start watching That’s So Raven during Season 4Then, firstly, you lost a lot, and, secondly, you probably are not familiar with Raven’s mother Tanya., T’keyah Crystal Keymáh Baxter starred as the matriarch for the first three seasons, before her character was written out to study in England.

cast of that so raven

Although in reality the actress had taken leave from the show to take care of her ailing grandmother. Keemah also did voice work, providing voices for the characters. Static Shock, American Dragon: Jake Long and Teen Titans, and before her venture into Disney, she was known for sketch comedy In Living Colour.

Rondell Sheridan

Rondell Sheridan played Raven’s father, a chef and owner of his restaurant, The Chill Grill. After taking on the role of Victor, Sheridan went on to perform a one-off performance. The Jade Grace Show Plus another Disney favorite, Hannah Montana.

In addition to Raven, who made a guest appearance in the 2007 spinoff, the winner Raven is the only character in the franchise to appear in every show.

The 63-year-old actor initially played a cameo Raven’s House appearing in one episode before becoming a series regular. Now that Raven has moved back home to San Francisco, she has made it her mission to care for her father after his heart attack.

In addition to all her acting and hosting accolades, Raven has settled since tsr day, Married Miranda Meade in June 2020.

And in case you thought you’d seen the last of her character, Raven reprized the role for the spinoff series, Raven’s House.

cast of that so raven

However, this spinoff’s future remains unclear, as acknowledged by Raven ET in May 2021 Regarding a possible season 5, “I can’t tell you the status of Raven’s house because I don’t know it myself. I hope people go back and watch the series and write, tweet, post what they would like because ultimately We are here for the fans.

“We are here to entertain them. And do I love my cast? Yes,” He added, “Do I want to work with them as long as I can? Of course. Is it my decision? No, it’s Disney Channel’s decision. So wait for it. Make noise, stomp your feet, Do it and see what happens.”


Classic, Now Was One of the Old School Disney Channel Shows That’s So Raven (2003–2007), This TV series starred Teenage Psychic raven baxter (played by Raven-Symoné). along with her best friend Chelsea (played by annelise van der pol) and Eddie (played by Orlando Brown) and his family, Raven Used his psychic powers to get out of trouble… and sometimes into it.

The show is widely remembered and became very popular when it aired. It was so popular, in fact, that it was the first Disney show to warrant a spinoff; Corey in the house.

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