September 2020: Turner-Smith talks about Jackson’s role during her home birth and more in an interview.

Jodie Turner-Smith poses for photos on the red carpet in an orange gown.

Jodie Turner-Smith in 2022.

Taylor Hill / WireImage

His Cover Story for the September 2020 Net-a-PorterTurner-Smith reveals she gave birth at home, partially discrimination Many black women face challenges in the American healthcare system. According to the actress, Jackson supported her during her four days of labor, along with her team of midwives and doctors.

“Right after I was born, my husband bathed her, and the midwife and doula cleaned everything up,” Turner-Smith said. told Net-a-Porter, “Then me, my husband and my daughter, we just slept 12 hours. I needed it. We needed it.”

later in Interview, The actress spoke about her love for her husband.

Turner-Smith said, “I really love my husband. It might sound weird to people, but I’m not doing a good job of shouting it from the rooftops as much as I should.”

She called Jackson a “really wonderful friend”, and said she would love to act on stage with him.

Turner-Smith said of Jackson, “I think she’s hot, I think she’s smart and she’s incredibly talented.” Me that or lift me up.”

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