A patient undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi was reportedly hosting fiery parties in his soundproof room with strobe lights, loudspeakers and a DJ table.

After befriending the staff at the hospital, he was able to get all these things fitted in his room, where he was admitted as a patient in 2018.

By 2020 he will lock his room into a full-on rave pad, where he is said to have held drug-fueled parties with bright lights and banging music.

The parties were able to avoid immediate detection thanks to the help of soundproofing and friendly staff, but the party ended when police raided and made arrests.

Two men, Nguyen Juan Que and Nguyen Van Ngoc, have since received the death penalty, while eight others are on their way to serving time behind bars, Vice reports.

Qi was a psychiatric hospitalized patient who constantly changed his room from a resting place to a rave pad.

He reportedly got hospital mates, who were having drug problems, to help him attend parties and run a drug ring, which was then sold to people outside the hospital.

Potential clients will meet patients posing as loved ones and caregivers to take their drugs, and addicted patients will receive both money and a portion of the illegal substances for their work.

When police raided the hospital and busted the drug ring they found 15 kilograms of hard drugs including ketamine, methamphetamine and MDMA, Qi had more than five kilos of drugs in his room alone.

Quy and Ngoc have been sentenced to the death penalty for participating in a drug-fuelled race, while four other patients will be jailed with life sentences.

Two nurses and a hospital technician would also face seven years in prison after admitting they knew about the drug ring but did nothing about it.

Qi’s doctor Do Thi Lu was sentenced to three years in prison for abuse of power, while the hospital director was dismissed for negligence.

Serious drug-related crimes carry the death penalty in Vietnam and the country has one of the most prolific executions of prisoners in the world.

While the Vietnamese government is secretive about the exact number of people it executed, human rights groups believe they are only behind China and Iran when it comes to capital punishment.

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