Charles’s special roast potato trick is beef drippings, which I usually add to my dad’s recipe.

Ingredients I have used for the recipe.

Ingredients I have used for the recipe.

Maria Noyen/

Instead of olive oil, which my dad usually uses to roast potatoes, I substituted Charles’ recommendation of beef dripping. It turned out to be quite difficult to find it in London as an employee at my local grocery store said they would only start stocking it closer to Christmas.

Eventually, I decided to order it online for £1.35, or about $1.60. Similar products can be found on the US Amazon store under the name “beef tallow.”

The rest of the ingredients were staples from the family recipe: baby new potatoes, salt, pepper, thyme, and red onion. We use onions to make delicious crisps that stick to the potatoes and taste great.

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