This is actually the story of two houses on “Big Brother 24”. Everything is going for Peach for The Leftovers, but things really turn out to be pretty dire for them, thanks to Kyle’s betrayal and Alyssa’s butts for saving. Unless a miracle happens, the Coalition is guaranteed to lose a number this week.

Brittany and Terrence win the veto, so the plan is for both sides to stay the same, meaning Jasmine and Joseph will head out the door on Thursday (imagine if Turner was evicted the same night as his ex-festival bestie was). Let us tell you that the mood was bad after the veto. Joseph knows he is the target, but as of Saturday, he was still in the dark about traitor Kyle, despite Terence’s eponymous speech indicating that he’s just got some wit.

Joseph tells Kyle that he plans to tell Terence that Alyssa has dropped out of Old School and that there was a major alliance that doesn’t involve Turner to make Alyssa Renom. Of course, Kyle had already lied and told Terence that Amira dropped out of old school.

Kyle, naturally, then with the name of The Leftovers, rots it all to Terence, and then forms a quadruple alliance with the two of them, Alyssa and Turner, to pick up the remaining quartet (Brittany, Michael, and Taylor). was for. Monte). It was originally introduced by Turner, who is more involved in Kyle’s shadow after his previous convoy, but is still in survival mode.

Saturday night the feed went down and only returned for Sunday morning inside. There were rumors of a wall screaming and Britney nonchalantly noting that she heard music blasting from outside. Translation: TPTB is playing music outside to drown out any potential screamers. The external feed never returned on Sunday, so who knows what kind of plans went down or if Joseph and Turner, who are both so loyal to the Seven, find out that Kyle uncovered The Leftovers. Joseph’s plan isn’t terrible, but Terence already knows most of the information, and his big mistake was to trust Kyle and tell him first.

Joseph and Turner’s best bet is to work on the showmanship angle and drive home that they rescued Terence last week and tried to get Kyle to use a veto on him, but Kyle refused because he wanted to protect Alyssa. . Say what you will about Kyle, but he’s just too good at talking to him to make him feel like the most important person in the world. And Terence wants to feel important and knowledgeable.

Meanwhile, there isn’t much going on inside the house. It’s like we’re already at the end of the season with a handful of people left and things slow to a fatal crawl. There isn’t much game talk other than trying to campaign for the veto used by Jasmine, including how she doesn’t want to be evicted the month of her birthday. The Left wondered what was happening outside and Taylor correctly saw that Joseph would be in trouble.

Neither of them trust Kyle and are plotting to boot Alyssa if she isn’t evicted. Taylor also tells Brittany that Monte wants to cut Michael to five, which is a bid that is more useful for Michael down the line if he wants to ride in the middle. It’s unclear if external feeds will return before Thursday, but if they don’t, consider this another hyped turn that flopped.

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