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Which is Lula this week? In Lisbon, Brazil’s president enthralled his hosts in a speech before the Portuguese parliament, nearly half a century after the Carnation Revolution that ended the dictatorship there. Lula raised eyebrows with his recent trip to China, where he accused the US of “encouraging” the war in Ukraine, and then last week warmly welcomed Russia’s foreign minister.

we ask about Brazil‘S ukraine stance, and about Lulaclaims Brazil is back after four years of the far right jair bolsonaro, Portugal, the former colonial power, is delighted to welcome the return of a leader who was at the helm during Brazil’s heyday in the early 2000s, but the world has changed.

Beyond superpower stress, look at the weather in Lisbon: The current April heatwave follows a record winter drought in the Iberian Peninsula. As the planet heats up, the EU seeks guarantees of its safety Amazon rainforest before finalizing a trade deal with Brazil. Will Lula ultimately side with environmentalists or the agriculture industry?

The world has changed and so has the 77-year-old Brazilian president. On the day Joe Biden launches his re-election bid at the age of 80, one wonders whether the political veteran can roll with those changing times.

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