It’s another week of December, which means there’s a new wave of game titles coming to Xbox. This week’s announcements aren’t as substantial as other games released over the past week, but they should be enough to keep you entertained. In addition, this week Xbox Series X | S are games coming to Xbox One, Windows, and Game Pass.


fencing sport poster

December 7th (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Get a twist on the traditional arcade shooter with swordship, a shoot ’em up game where you shoot the enemy directly. Instead of your own guns and lasers, rely on your wits to use your enemies’ power to shoot others. Mystery? Smooth dodges. But how far can you go in this game where your enemies are lurking around every corner, who want to blast you?


togs game poster

December 7th (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

toggle There is a mix of classic and new game themes. Explore a world of sandbox adventure as you stack togs Blocks that will let you solve puzzles and go where you want to go.


hindsight game poster

December 6

Try this new narrative game that follows the life story of a woman. Search for past memories through her material possessions, hints and clues to the mysteries you need to solve and the future you want to see.

bot gaiden

bot gaiden game screenshot

December 7th (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Be in control of Ninjabots Robu and Bytron bot gaiden, and retrieve the golden skulls stolen by Giorqio and his band of hench-bots. Cut through the enemies blocking your way, and execute your moves with precision and speed to reach your destination as fast as possible. Skulls are making Hench-bots stronger and stronger, so heal them before it’s too late for you.

mech armada

mech armada game poster

December 8th (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

You have the power to customize your mech mech armada, Build and upgrade them using over 80 unique parts, giving you both advantage and disadvantage in specific battle scenarios against the Swarm. With it, make the right choices that will help your Mechs function efficiently and save your resources in the best possible way.

terror of the hemasaurus

terror of the hemsaurus game poster

9 december

You don’t always have to be a hero to enjoy sports. terror of the hemasaurus Prove it by giving yourself the power to control a giant monster wreaking havoc on humanity in this smash em up game. Destruction and carnage is your main objective, so invite up to three friends and let the chaos begin!

dobo’s hero

dobo's heroes game poster

December 6 (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Save the former spirited Dobo, who is now a recluse living in a dark room. Use your grandson’s power to bring Dobo back to its former glory by entering portals and solving missions in this puzzle platformer.

hello neighbor 2

hello neighbor 2 game poster

December 6 (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Game Pass – Available day 1 with Game Pass)

Discover the secrets of your neighbor, controlled by an advanced AI that learns from your decisions and actions. Will you be able to outwit your opponent in this stealth horror game if your enemy has an adaptive brain?

Fire Fighting Simulator – The Squad

Fire Fighting Simulator - The Squad Game Poster

December 7th (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Experience life as a firefighter in Fire Fighting Simulator – The Squad, which will take you to over 30 diverse deployment locations spread across a city inspired by the North American West Coast. Save lives and face the wrath of fire by equipping yourself with equipment from renowned fire fighting equipment manufacturers.

chain echoes

screenshot of chained echoes game

December 8 (Game Pass – Available on the first day with Game Pass)

Explore this 16-bit story-driven JRPG set in a fantasy world where you will encounter dragons, magic, mechs and airships. Guide a group of heroes as they face enemies and aspire to end the war between the three kingdoms of Valandis.

The Rumble Fish 2

rumble fish 2 game poster

December 8

Enjoy this famous arcade game, now tweaked for consoles. In addition to its brand new Online Versus mode, it now also features Rollback Netcode which fixes lag between players, making the experience online smoother.


screenshot of afterglitch game

9 december

the universe is full of mysteries, and afterglitch It’s all about that. Explore the possibilities by diving into the unknown and searching for worlds unfamiliar to other life forms. Become an astronaut in this experimental third person exploration sci-fi video game with no physical limits and boundaries. Soon, your multidimensional journey will lead you in search of an extraterrestrial civilization.

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