Sony has recently launched its new On-Ear Wireless Headphone WH-CH520. It is a budget model that follows the company’s WH-CH510. Still, looking at its features, no one would think that the WH-CH520 is an economy-type release. To start with, Sony claims that it can now play music for longer than its predecessor and make even low-quality audio sound better.

if you are looking for a new pair of headphonesWell, Sony has something new to offer that should replace its earlier WH-CH510 headphone model. The WH-CH520 comes with some significant improvements, starting with its battery life which now reaches up to 50 hours of battery life. a huge increase from max 35 hours Battery life on the WH-CH510. Additionally, the company claims that the unit can deliver 1.5 hours of music playback with just 3 minutes of charging.

In addition to its superior battery life, the WH-CH520 features Sony’s new Digital Sound Enhancement Engine Ultimate (DSEE Ultimate). That’s where the fun begins, especially if you often encounter poor-quality audio. According to Sony, the feature can “make low-resolution files sound almost like high-resolution audio” by using calculations and predictions to reproduce the clear, high-range sounds lost in the audio file. In terms of input, you can count on Sony’s Noise Suppression Processing and Precise Voice Pickup Technology. As the company notes, the latter employs beamforming microphones and a bone-conduction sensor, which should help the headphones pick up your voice accurately, no matter what the situation.

The WH-CH520 also has other audio-enhancement features, thanks to its compatibility with the Sony Headphone Connect app. It gives you preset settings like Bright, Excited, Mellow, Relax and Vocal, and a custom equalizer option. In terms of controls, the new headphones don’t disappoint. There are three buttons on the unit, which give you access to volume, music playback and voice assistants (Siri and Google Assistant). There’s also support for Fast Pair and Swift Pair and even multipoint connections, so you can easily connect to a PC and Android device and switch between them without any issues.

Ultimately, given Sony’s good reputation for making quality headphones, you can expect extreme comfort when wearing the WH-CH520. Apart from its stunning yet minimalistic looks, it boasts soft earpads attached to an adjustable headband with padding.

The Sony WH-CH520 is now available in Sony Store In black, blue and white options. You can check Amazon offers for discounted deals Here,

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