Callan McAuliffe holds a seagull feather after an unexpected accident on set.

TWD 1001 Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe is seen with a spear at the Season 10 premiere.

Gene Page/AMC

McAuliffe thought he was going to one day take home Alden’s original weapon on the show, which he named the Flamingo because it was one of a kind.

Instead, he injured a hamstring after filming a beach scene on Jekyll Island in Georgia, which never made it onto “TWD.”

“It was never in the show. There’s a scene where I throw a javelin … it would roll off camera and we wanted it to stick to the ground, where they then, I think, digitally put a zombie in there.” Will put,” McAuliffe said of what must have been a typical day on set.

McAuliffe continued: “We used a real metal spear so it would fly through the air accurately. It just so happened that during one take there was a seagull that was hit by the spear and pinned to the ground by the wing”. Gone. It took a feather off the seagull’s wing and so I still have that feather. I accidentally buried the bird in the ground.”

McAuliffe said that they noticed that it was not flying after being freed, so they took it closer for care.

“It was like limping on its wings. We carried it Jekyll Island Conservation Center, Obviously, it went completely fine,” he said.

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