Today’s misgivings and impatient moods are brought to us by one major transit in particular: Uranus in retrograde. It also sounds foreboding, but it’s not as negative as we might think.

In fact, Uranus retrograde can do a lot of good, but its effect comes ‘later’ and is the plot of the day. We can expect to see challenges in the workplace and some business-like logic to come out of it.

We will learn and draw wisdom from our experiences today, but it will all start with a small cry of rebellion.

Say, for example, there is something we cannot easily accept; It just doesn’t work for us, or we don’t believe it, etc. We will stand up and say a firm no, only to be challenged by others who will be intolerant of our opinion or stance.

They want it their way, and we want it our way, only while Uranus is in retrograde, we will find that neither party gets its way and everything we do today is postponed until further notice it happens. Just like that. It’s like we rebel so that we can’t go anywhere.

Thing is, this day could have been ‘OK’ if we didn’t have moon sextile Mars (to make things hostile) and moon opposition Pluto (to disappoint us on everything). Good ol’ Uranus in retrograde is thrown around because of these negative retrograde transits, and that makes everything we do today seem both pointless and pointless.

We can’t move an inch without telling someone that it’s too much. We will see the overwhelming arrogance of the transit that takes place on this difficult day.

1. Taurus

Today brings you the irony of starting off with great intentions and then stepping back from the fear of the unknown. You will start the day with great energy, and your plan for the day is to let people know that you are going to do this, this, and that you are very adamant about stating your intentions as you go about your day. Once you go to About, you will see that each subsequent step prompts you to take a backup.

It is as if you, yourself, are retrograde; You cannot proceed today.

You may find that today is not the best day for you to achieve the great goal you have in mind, and you may even find yourself feeling a little insecure, and your sudden lack of confidence is the straw. Who will break the back of the proverbial camel.

You can’t start today, and that was not the plan. The plan which will be executed better tomorrow than today will be put on hold. It is best to trust your gut on this amount. It’s okay to say no today.

2. Leo

You’re already having a hard time dealing with the fact that the Virgo Sun is in town and you have to ‘get down’ and today that basically ensures that the weird vibe in your world continues. Weirdly, being you, you’re not getting what you want, and don’t want to try harder than you’re already trying.

With Uranus retrograde, you feel like you’re trying too hard; You feel like you’ve overdone yourself and now you’re completely anticipating your intentions.

You will introspect on this day, Leo, as you feel that you have done a lot to get what you want, and that you still haven’t got what you want, there is something wrong with your attitude. It’s a day full of stop and go, and it’s so ‘anti-leo’ you can’t stand it. All you really want is love, attention, affection and kindness, and yet it is all day long for you to be confused and withdrawn. What?

3. Sagittarius

August 24 will make you shrug your shoulders and think about why you are upset. Your mood today is that of nostalgia, and not because you didn’t start off with high hopes; Did you. It’s just that you’re about to see something happen today that will take away all your faith in humanity, and it will push you to the safety of nostalgia.

You’re usually a person who has feelings for others, and you want to help, but while Uranus is retrograde, you’ll notice that a pattern begins to form: every time you turn to someone for help. When you take action, someone else comes to thwart your efforts – no matter how simple your help.

Today you feel as if the whole system is being rigged against you.

You feel exhausted and emotionally frustrated and this takes a toll on your energy, which in turn creates a well of nostalgia for you. You don’t like the feeling, but you feel so defeated that it’s hard for you to feel anything.

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