Sylvester Stallone is going through a rocky time in his personal life, but that hasn’t stopped him from kicking butt on screen and tapping into his inner superhero.

Court documents show that Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, filed for divorce from the star on August 19, after 25 years of marriage. Four days after the filing, the “Rocky” star covered a tattoo on Flavin’s right arm, replacing it with a picture of the dog Batkiss, who had appeared with him in the “Rocky” movies.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Stallone said: “I love my family. We are addressing these personal issues amicably and privately.”

Stallone also spoke to Fox News Digital about his new film, “Samaritan,” in which he plays a retired superhero.

Stallone said, “It’s as if Rocky were a superhero. It’s something that’s recognizable and street-like. It’s not set in some super fantastic universe, it’s set between brick and concrete and recognizable situations. That’s all. . I liked about it,” Stallone said at a recent press event. “He can’t fly, he can’t see through walls, fire doesn’t come out of his mouth. He’s just a unique superhero. He’s almost like a modern day Hercules. I think he’s the one you recognize.” can do.”

While it is a superhero film, the “Rocky” star says that unlike other films in the genre, the dangers in “Samaritan” are much more realistic.

In the film, Stallone’s character retraces his cautious path after doing something in his personal life and decides to pursue a career that he believed would make him invisible to the public. Will make as garbage man. It isn’t until his neighbor – a teenage boy – asks for his help that his perspective begins to change, and he sees himself as a hero again.

“I’ve always felt that there’s no such thing as getting hit by a car or a dark alley and a shadow walking behind you, which is very relatable,” the actor said. “We try to make events and danger plausible and recognizable. Something that’s very tangible. It’s not from another universe, it’s the streets right here… That’s what I tried to add to it. Of impending danger. Emotion, but it’s real.”

Stallone was excited to play a normal man who leads a normal life, who happens to be super strong. He describes his character as a “pedestrian and the person sitting next to the bus” and doesn’t even know you’re sitting here next to a fellow who can literally lift the bus up. ,

The teenage neighbor who makes his character out of retirement, played by “Euphoria” actor Javan “Wanna” Walton, impressed Stallone with his humor and his overall talent as an actor. He praised Walton for coming to the set every day with a smile, saying it boosted his energy too. Stallone says he can’t wait to “sit there and start talking trash” with him every day.

“This kid is just pulling me back and saying stop being a coward, who are you. Save me. Be my dad, he’s saying the same thing, and I have nothing,” Stallone said of his character. Said about He is speaking as he said. “He is a lonely old man who is going into oblivion. He finds broken objects in the trash, which symbolizes him. He can fix everything except himself. The young man comes, and he fixes me.. Then you see the hero aspect come out.”

Stallone said he did his best to make Walton feel comfortable on set and bond with the young actor, using his own experiences as an actor on set and feeling a little intimidated.

“I remember when I first went on set, it was Robert Mitchum or John Wayne. It throws you off your game,” Stallone explained. “I put myself in his position, and I kept him light as a kid. I would joke, I did things with humor, so he was completely relaxed.”

Stallone says that in his opinion, it is extremely important for the older generation to spend time with the younger generation because it rejuvenates them by saying, “They capture your intellect, and you grab their energy. ” Huh.”

“There’s something so invigorating and infectious about this kid who’s full of life and who just wants to explode,” he explained. “He wants you to help him, educate him, take him on this journey, so in a way he’s turning back the clock for me.”

When it came to choosing a director, Stallone chose up-and-comer Julius Avery, best known for “Overlord,” “Son of a Gun” and “Jerrycan.” Stallone deliberately chose a young director because he believed that the type of film he was making required someone who was eager to work.

Having directed several films himself, Stallone knew the amount of work required to complete an action film, admitting that he had “reached a certain point”.

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