• The pair announced their split eleven days after confirming they would get back together.
  • Their joint statement about the split makes reference to “legal proceedings” and “allegations”.
  • The statement likely refers to allegations on TikTok that SK cheated on Raven.

Sikiru “SK” Alagbara And Raven Ross Have Had One Of The Most Turmoilous Relationships Ever “Love Is Blind” in History, The former couple met during the Pods phase of the reality show Experiment and became engaged behind the scenes.

Raven and SK had a rocky start that led to a famous reconciliation

They got along well, despite working on their physical and sexual chemistry during the holidays. only possible red flag While contemplating their life together, it came to light that SK had been accepted to graduate school in California, while Raven planned to live in Dallas, Texas, where the Pilates instructor’s clients were based. the couple finally chose a long distance marriage,

They seemed to have a financial plan to live in two different cities and vowed to see each other more often. But on the day of their wedding, SK said “I don’t” because he didn’t believe he was ready to work long distance.

Raven was clearly hurt by SK’s decision. She burst into tears and finally told the cameras that she was planning to marry SK that day.

on sk and raven "love is blind" Reunion.

SK and Raven at the “Love Is Blind” reunion.

Sarah Gardener/Netflix

However, the audience learned “Love Is Blind” Reunion that the couple had reconciled and were dating each other. Although they end up living in different cities than they had always planned, Raven reveals that the distance had made their relationship stronger.

“Our communication, I think I can speak for both of us, we’ve never been at this level in any other relationship,” she said, adding that every time they see each other they “feel like a new person.” reach the level.”

“We’ve come a long way from this experiment, first of all what we went through, being apart. It just gets so much better when we’re together,” she continued. “Of course, I would love to be with her every day, but we’ve come a long way from that and it’s really beautiful to be able to do that.”

She also joked that she knew how many direct messages SK was getting from other women on social media after their wedding episode aired.

Allegations that SK cheated on Raven when they were dating emerged on TikTok

raven and sk on "love is blind."

Raven and SK on “Love Is Blind”.


“love is blind” The season three reunion aired on 9 November. Eleven days later, Raven and SK announced their breakup to their respective Instagram followers by posting a joint statement.

“We are sad to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways,” the statement said. (Via People.) “Due to the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we cannot provide additional details and ask you to respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

“Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has shaped our lives forever and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.” something,” the statement concluded.

The “allegation” possibly refers to a recent TikTok video claiming that SK cheated on Raven when they were together. Ahead of “Love Is Blind” Season 3 Release,

according to buzzfeedEarlier in the month, a TikTok user posted a now-deleted video claiming she went on a date with SK when he was still with Raven.

“If you went on a date with a guy from Hinge in April and then you see he’s actually on the show ‘Love Is Blind,’ and he met you after the show was done filming, but are still together , then put your finger down.” Same girl right now,” the user reportedly said in the video. He also posted a Video showing screenshots of SK Kayaking and his DMs and talk to each other.

In reply, Raven posted a now-deleted TikTok saying“Rumors are rumors and we’re fine,” with, “He’s my man and I’m sticking with him.”

But another woman has come forward on Tiktok and claimed that SK is her ex. Buzzfeed reported that while the woman and SK were dating, he allegedly took her on a trip to Europe and revealed he had a fake fiancé from a reality show he made for Netflix for money. The woman said she believed him but never met Raven as she had promised. SK was reportedly dating the woman in 2019 and they reconciled in ibiza Season three of “Love Is Blind” wraps filming in 2021.

Raven posted a subtle TikTok amid the allegations

on raven ross "love is blind" Reunion.

Raven Ross at the “Love Is Blind” reunion.


Raven has yet to directly respond to allegations that SK cheated on her.

but on tuesday he posted a own tiktok video Pretending to make a phone call while eating french fries. The text on the video read, “Calling on God to make sure I’m not on his list of strongest soldiers again this year,” possibly poking fun at the popular motivational phrase-turned-meme “God is his strongest.” Gives strong soldiers their hardest battles.”

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