Arresting. The murder of Ophelia Nichols’ son has come to a halt after a 20-year-old man surrendered at the Mobile County Metro Jail on Thursday, Aug.

Reuben Gulley was arrested and detained for “murder” in Alabama on Thursday in connection with the death of Nichols’ 18-year-old son, Randon Lee, according to the prison’s website. Fox 10 News was the first to report this news.

Nichols announced his son’s death on June 25 via a TikTok video, which revealed he was shot and killed a day before his 19th birthday.

“That was taken from me last night,” the social media influencer said at the time. “Taken from my kids and my husband and our family. My son was murdered. He was shot and there’s this hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize ’cause I’ve never felt hatred for anyone.”

The Alabama native got emotional when she reached out to her fanbase for any suggestions on her son’s matter.

“I never asked for anything from all of you, but I need your help with this. Almost 7 million people follow me. Somebody has got to know something,” she said. “Somebody knows this with my baby Who did it. And I am asking someone’s help. Somebody’s help. This is my son.”

During a press conference that month, Prichard Detective Jason Hadaway confirmed that Lee had been shot at a gas station after arriving at gas pumps at the same time as the suspect.

The detective said the suspect was seen walking inside Lee’s car when a shot was fired. After the suspect fled, Lee left his car in an attempt to “escape” the shooter. The teenager crossed the road and headed for another gas station, where she was eventually found by EMS, who were unable to revive her, and she was pronounced dead on the spot.

Hadaway further detailed what the crime scene looked like upon arrival, adding that “narcotics were found in the vehicle.” He said Lee had been seen “selling narcotics” to two men before the shooting and was “on the minds of some suspects”.

Police clarified that Lee was selling marijuana. For his part, Nichols revealed in his June TikTok video that his son was battling mental health issues, including depression after the death of his father.

Despite his ups and downs, the social media personality said the family “had no idea” what he was going through. “He comes from good people, and he comes from a good family and a good home. But sometimes it doesn’t matter, you know,” she said in June.

A month after Lee’s murder, Nichols shared an update with his followers, reflecting on his loss and the family’s fight for justice.

“Please don’t feel bad about my son for how he was taken. We are not ashamed of him, and never will be. When I was 18, I made bad choices myself,” she said in July via Instagram Se shared photos of Lee as a child, writing. “I think of the person who did this to my son and sympathizes with his family once he finds out. Though others don’t think I should but now there will be two families that are hurt and broken. It won’t just be mine. I believe this person will be held accountable, so I will keep my faith and my family with me in this time of despair.”

Nichols said: “No one should be killed over marijuana or anything else. I have a big stage and a voice that can be heard everywhere. I want to help other young people in my city stay on the right track.” I’m planning on using that voice for Randon’s name.

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