Microsoft is reportedly developing a new Surface Duo device that strays far from the looks of the current Duos. As per a report, instead of the traditional dual-display screen, the Redmond company is now pushing for a foldable internal display with an outer cover screen. And while the plan looks cool because the gap that split the screen is now gone, it now blurs the core concept of Duo devices being what makes them a “Duo.” (Via windows central,

This revelation is a far cry from previous rumors that claimed the next Duo would have a 360-degree hinge, allowing the device to be folded to make the inner screen the outer one. According to windows central Zack Bowden, the next Duo will have a 180-degree hinge, though it will get an extra screen to make an external display possible. And though the flawless, gapless screen now makes the “Duo” name for this new device questionable, sources said the handheld is still internally treated as the third generation of Duo.

The next Duo’s display change comes after finalized plans for the “original”, reports say surface duo 3 was rejected. in put an end to Design wise, the Duo 3 didn’t seem to be any different from the current Duos. It was supposed to get a bigger edge-to-edge screen and other improvements and was slated to ship by late 2023. This includes the shipping window for the device, which sources said is still unclear.

On the other hand, while this is great news for Duo fans everywhere, the screen concept is nothing new. As noted by Bowden in the report, the upcoming duo can be compared to the foldable devices currently available in the market: Vivo X Fold and Honor Magic Vs. Despite this, Microsoft is determined to differentiate its Android hardware products from those of its competitors. In the report, sources said there is an internal software effort called “Perfect Together” that aims to create an ecosystem that will produce an easy link between Windows computers and Microsoft Android devices, similar to Apple’s iPhone and Mac.

Obviously, plans to create an Apple-like ecosystem between PC and phone may be difficult to achieve with limited options for the latter. Along with this, the report states that Microsoft is also working on expanding its Android products to different form factors including a traditional slab design. It’s nothing huge as there are already plenty of one-screen smartphone options out there, but the report says this will be Microsoft’s new strategy to elevate the Duos’ name and make them an “enthusiast product”.

What are your thoughts about this? Will this new design help increase the attractiveness of the next Surface Duo? Above all, will this new ‘strategy’ work for Microsoft’s Android efforts?

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