New Windows Media Player on Windows 10

The new Windows Media Player, previously only available to Windows 11 users, is finally coming to Windows 10 deskmoder.d (Via Ghax), one of the first to see the app’s availability, Insiders with access to the Windows 10 Release Preview channel can get it now. Installing it won’t affect Windows Media Player Legacy (allowing you to use both simultaneously), though it will replace the Groove Music app. With this, users who will download it will need to enter ‘Groove Music’ in Windows 10 search to see the app in the system.

The Windows 10 version of the app is almost identical to Windows 11 users. It can work with local files on your computer or use URLs of online videos or music and even play them. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t support all services, including the unfortunately famous old YouTube. Also, while it supports most audio and video formats, you will need to download an additional tool (HEVC Video Extension from Device Manufacturer) to use the new media player for h.265 or x265-encoded video.

In terms of controls, the new Windows Media Player has all the essentials, including the usual playback controls, wireless media casting, and a mini-player mode. You can also disable it from getting song album art and artist information from the web. Additionally, there’s a new “Edit with Clipchamp” option in the app’s context menu, which isn’t surprising considering the Redmond company is trying to make it happen. best from app after buying it 2021,

The left sidebar is dedicated to the various player sections including Home, Music Library, Video Library, Play Queue and Playlists. As always, the Music Library section allows users to search for their songs by titles, albums, and artists.

Have you already tested out the new Windows Media Player on your Windows 10? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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