Windows 10 was released in 2015, and users can still download it from the official Microsoft website. However, this will no longer happen from next month, as the software giant has officially informed that it will offer Windows 10 downloads for sale till January 31.

Since Windows 10 licenses will no longer be available for purchase from now on, Microsoft will offer users Windows 11 as the only PC operating system. If you’re planning to build a PC with Windows 10, you have until January 31st. However, if you are already running Windows 10, revoking the Windows 10 license will have no effect. Windows 10 users will continue to get updates on their Windows 10 PCs until 2025, which is its end-of-support date.

However, Windows 10 licenses will still be available for purchase from third-party retailers after January 31. While this will give some breathing room for those looking to build a new PC next month, there will be fewer chances for people to buy a new Windows 10. license in the future. So, even if you don’t mind getting it from a third party retailer, you better hurry!

As far as the market share is concerned, Windows 10 is still the most used version of Windows even though it has been almost two years since Microsoft released Windows 11. Windows 11, thus giving its market share a much needed boost.

While Windows 10 has many advantages, Windows 11 gives you a modern look, lots of new features and advanced security features. For more on what’s new in Windows 11, check out our detailed article on it.

Are you planning to build a new PC with Windows 10? If yes, from where are you planning to buy your Windows 10 license? Let us know in the comments section.

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