Microsoft confirmed it would not be on the E3 show floor this year, but assured continued support by saying it would co-stream the Xbox Games Showcase as part of E3 Digital. (Via IGN,

“We can’t wait to host our Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th and will share more details later,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. IGN, “We also look forward to co-streaming our event as part of E3 Digital and will not be taking place on the E3 show floor.”

News Xbox Lead Confirms Phil Spencer Word Stating that Microsoft will continue to support the Entertainment Software Association despite previous reports of the company not physically attending the event.

“Xbox is on the board of the ESA, and I think a successful and healthy ESA is critical to what we’re trying to do,” Spencer said at the time. “So we hold our showcase, like we’ve always done, at a time where hopefully it’s convenient for the press and even consumers who are going to be at the E3 event, and that’s what we’re trying to do now.” are doing. We will continue to work with ESA on their plans. As I said, we’re on board, and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help make E3 a success.”

As mentioned, Microsoft is moving its Xbox Games Showcase closer to the E3 event. It is expected to be preceded by a Developer_Direct dedicated to Starfield on June 11th. Meanwhile, it is already certain that both Nintendo and Sony will not be attending the event. The former has already confirmed it, while Sony’s alleged conflict with the ESA assures the company will abandon it again, it began in 2019.

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