Microsoft is cutting more than 11,000 jobs within its workforce this Wednesday, according to the UK broadcaster sky News, According to additional media reports, the decision will primarily affect the engineering and human resources divisions of the company.

after the exciting news about New Unlimited Time Off Policy For full-time US employees, which began last Monday, Microsoft is now laying off 5% of its workforce. With 221,000 full-time employees, this translates to at least 11,000 layoffs.

There’s no clarity on which specific departments will be directly affected by the bad news, but Bloomberg reports that it will be announced for its engineering divisions, while business Insider Says this will affect the company’s recruited staff as well.

This is not the first big news about Microsoft laying off employees, especially in this era where many companies are struggling in the current economic situation. Last year, the Redmond company also laid off 1% of its employees under its “Modern Life Experience” division. It’s much smaller than the announcement of upcoming layoffs, but it seems inevitable, especially as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicts a two-year-long challenge in the tech industry.

“The next two years are probably going to be the most challenging,” Nadella told CNBC in a interview, “We had a great uptick during the pandemic, and there is some amount of normalization of that demand. And on top of that, there’s a real recession in some parts of the world.

While Microsoft is the latest titan in the tech industry to make its own layoffs, there are other large companies that have taken similar steps in the past. This includes Meta and Amazon, both of which announced layoffs in 2022. Meanwhile, Apple and Google took a different route by temporarily freezing hiring.

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