after being armed Bing with ChatGPTMicrosoft is now eyeing its Office apps. The software giant is reportedly preparing to announce some details in the coming weeks about integrating OpenAI’s technology and its Prometheus model into its productivity apps. The tentative deadline for the announcement is set for March and will include apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. ,ledge,

The news about AI powering Office apps appeared first on January, though little information was shared about the plan. However, we may get more details about it soon ledge in a report. However, while mentioning that the company is “preparing to demonstrate how its new ChatGPT-like AI will transform its office productivity apps,” it’s important to note that the sources didn’t specify whether this would be a The full blown revelation will be the Office apps will get intelligent features. Instead, the report says the announcement will emphasize “how quickly Microsoft wants to transform search and its productivity apps through its OpenAI investments” and detail Microsoft’s “productivity plans.” Unfortunately, this could be a sign that the company will be sharing some vague information regarding the news.

On a positive note, previous reports already give us hints about the things we might see in Office apps in the future once they officially get full AI integration. For example, Viva Sales Now sellers can provide AI-generated, recipient-relevant email content. Edge, meanwhile, has a new sidebar, a “Compose” mode that will serve you AI-generated content and let you set the tone, format, and length of the composition. These same capabilities would undeniably fit perfectly into Office apps, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them in Word or Outlook.

Other reports, however, indicate that Microsoft aims to use AI not only for such creation purposes. In the past weeks, a report from Information Said Microsoft tested the GPT model in Outlook to help provide better search results. ledge, on the other hand, shared that the company is now working on ways to help its PowerPoint create graphs and graphics. Microsoft Teams is also using AI now team premiumProviding users with live translated captions, automatically generated meeting notes, recommended actions and personalized highlights.

We may see more intelligent features like this in Office apps in the future as Microsoft tries to expand its AI efforts across all of its products. What makes this exciting, however, is the speculation that AI features and capabilities could be coming soon to Microsoft’s apps. Given the diversity of office apps and their associated functions, we’re looking forward to not only intelligent capabilities but creative ones as well, making them more than just productivity apps.

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