Microsoft has released a new update to the beta channel for Edge users. Dubbed Edge Beta 114.0.1823.11, the latest update brings some new features, no improvements and bug fixes and policy changes.

The latest Edge beta build comes with Microsoft Edge Workspaces, albeit in preview. For those who don’t know, workspaces allow users to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. You can even share tabs with other people so they can see the same website and latest working files in one place.

The latest Edge beta also introduces the ability to link the Sidebar to the Windows desktop. By connecting it to the desktop, you can access powerful AI tools and web-based services, including Bing Chat and more, without launching a browser window. You will be able to “link the sidebar to their Windows desktop” by clicking on the “popout” icon near the base of the sidebar in the browser.

Furthermore, Edge Beta 114.0.1823.11 turns on Enhanced Security Mode by default. However, this is a controlled rollout, which means not everyone will get it on the same day. It also includes new policies, which you can read more about in the official changelog below.

edge beta 114.0.1823.11 changelog

new features

Edge Beta 114.0.1823.11

policy change

To update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge Beta, users need to navigate to Help and Feedback , About Microsoft Edge, You’ll see the update here. You will need to download and install and then restart the browser to complete the installation. It’s worth noting that Edge beta 114.0.1823.11 is not available for Windows 8.1 or older PCs, as Microsoft Edge no longer supports them for Insider builds.

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