Microsoft has a dedicated Insider program for all of its major products, including Windows, Office, Xbox, and Office. And now, the software giant is looking to expand its Insider program to include Surface Duo devices. The latest findings from Microsoft watcher Gustav Mons are indicating that Microsoft has made some progress in launching it.

Going by the findings, it looks like there will be a page dedicated to the “Surface Insider Program” in the Settings of Surface Duo devices, which is pretty similar to how Windows users can register themselves to the Windows Insider Program from the Settings app. The findings also suggest that users will be able to register themselves in different preview rings reminiscent of how the beta, dev and release preview rings work on the Windows Insider program.

While the Surface Duo and Duo 2 offer a nearly stock Android experience, an Insider program will help the company test the features with a wider audience and roll them out to everyone. Android phone makers like Samsung and OnePlus have their own beta testing programs to test features before making them available to a larger user base. Microsoft is moving in that direction for its Duo devices.

With all that said, it’s unclear whether Microsoft will announce a “Surface Insider Program” for users to participate in. sources say Microsoft has been working on this for months, close to Windows Central. The expectation is that Surface Duo users will be able to become members of the Insider program sometime next year. However, take all this with a pinch of salt, as Microsoft is notorious for canceling or delaying projects midway.

Are you a Surface Duo user? If yes, will you participate in the “Surface Insider Program” to test beta features? Let us know in the comments section.

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