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Microsoft Edge isn’t the fastest internet browser out there, but the software giant is at least trying to make it faster. However, the company’s way of making it faster is interesting. Microsoft is working on a new Edge feature to allow users to disable optional features.

By disabling optional features, users are expected to get a more efficient and faster Edge browser. Microsoft hasn’t defined “optional features”, so we don’t know which ones qualify to be turned off.

Not all optional features are useless to everyone. So, Edge will let you decide which ones are useless to you. You will be able to remove selected optional features and keep others as they are. If you need to download those functions, you may change your mind later.

Microsoft describes the new functionality as follows:

Microsoft Edge now lets you turn off optional browser features to make it the fastest browsing experience for you. Features that are turned off are still available to you but will require a small download to enable them.

Microsoft is currently testing the ability to disable optional features in Edge Canary. This is a controlled rollout, so not everyone will get it today. If you are one of the lucky users to get the option to disable optional features, navigate to Adjustment, optional features, You don’t need to enable any flags for this to work.

In the coming days, we will have more clarity on which capabilities will be labeled as optional. Meanwhile, you can Download Edge Canary web browser from the official Microsoft Edge Insider website here,

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