Meta has announced a “new WhatsApp for Windows” to improve the app experience on the desktop operating system. The social media giant has highlighted that the new WhatsApp will load faster than before, which means users can open the app almost instantly. The interface of the “new WhatsApp” is now identical to the mobile version of the app.

Apart from this, the company highlighted the improved calling over the instant chat messenger. The “new WhatsApp” on Windows can now host group video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people. Meta has said it will continue to work on expanding the limit to more than 32 numbers to help you always stay connected with friends, family and colleagues. An increase in the limit will likely be available through a future app update.

The company not only introduced better speeds and improvements to calling on WhatsApp for Windows, but also improved device linking and better syncing across multiple devices. In its official blog postMeta also highlighted that WhatsApp for Windows offers a completely end-to-end encrypted messaging experience just like any other platform.

In addition to overhauling the WhatsApp Windows experience, Meta is working to bring more new features to other platforms, including Mac and Android tablets. The social media giant recently introduced a new WhatsApp beta experience for Android tablets and Mac computers. The company is still working on increasing the number of devices that support WhatsApp.

In related news, Meta recently announced some notable new features for WhatsApp group chats, including giving admins the power to decide who can and cannot join. This doubled the size of the group from 512 to 1,024.

you can Download “New WhatsApp” for Windows from Microsoft Store, Alternatively, you can open the Microsoft Store on your PC and search for the app to install.

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