• “MasterChef” judge Aaron Sanchez reveals what it’s really like working with Gordon Ramsay.
  • Sanchez said the famed chef is “the nicest man you’ve ever met,” and he loves a good prank.
  • “He’s all about a family man and he just likes to make people better,” Sanchez said.

Celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez has worked with Gordon Ramsay On “MasterChef” for more than six years.

Sanchez reveals what it was like working with Ramsay during the launch of The Sit-Down Tequila Cazadores‘ 100-Year Estate Release, a limited-edition reposado blend that honors the brand’s 100-year anniversary.

The “MasterChef” judge said one of his favorite memories is when two chefs were racing to make the most peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a social-media competition.

But Sanchez had no chance as Ramsay had frozen his peanut butter.

“I was trying to beat him because I’m so competitive, and then I just couldn’t get it out,” Sanchez recalled with a laugh. “Gordon was like, ‘I froze it Knucklehead!'”

While Ramsay is known for his flamboyant personality and swear wordsSanchez said the famed chef is also “the nicest man you’ve ever met.”

“He’s all about a family man and he just likes to make people better,” Sanchez said. “He just doesn’t want bullshit.”

Aaron Sanchez and Gordon Ramsay on "hell's Kitchen"

Aaron Sanchez and Gordon Ramsay on “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Fox via Getty Images/Getty Images

Sanchez also talked about holiday cooking, revealing that one of her favorite recipes is chorizo ​​stuffing.

“That fattiness and spice from the chorizo ​​with some beautifully roasted onions, garlic, fresh herbs, chicken stock—that gives you a beautiful stuffing that can go into turkey or ham,” he said.

Sanchez also loves making his mom Zarella’s spicy vanilla chicken, which he said pairs perfectly with some tequila.

“How do you pair tequila with food? It’s very simple,” he said. “Think of a taste and try to imitate it.”

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