Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson isn’t involved in Amazon’s upcoming series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and now we know why: He directly ghosted him.

Jackson recalled during The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter podcast that he and Fran Walsh (who co-wrote and co-produced the LOTR trilogy) were both asked if they wanted to be on the show.

“I said, ‘That’s an impossible question to answer without seeing a script,'” he explained on the podcast. But after being told that the first few scripts would be sent, Jackson says they “never appeared.”

“I listened to the last thing, which is fine,” he said, assuring that there is no grudge against the show. “No complaints at all.”

Amazon responded to Jackson’s comments via a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, which read: “In pursuit of the rights to our show, we were obliged to keep the series separate and separate from the movies. Peter Jackson and The Lord We have great respect for The Rings movies and we are thrilled that he looks forward to seeing The Rings of Power.

Premieres Friday, September 2, at Rings of Power by J.R.R. major events will be included. the second era of the Tolkien fantasy epic, which includes Sauron’s rise to power; the forging of the Rings of Power, which the Dark Lord gifted to humans, elves and dwarves and secretly controlled with his Master Ring (aka the One Ring to Rule Them All); The rise and fall of Numenor, the island of men from which Aragorn is descended; and The Last Alliance of Elves and Men, a final stand against Sauron (depicted in the prologue to Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring).

Showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay will executive-produce with Lindsay Weber, Callum Greene, Belen Atienza, Justin Doble, Jason Cahill, Jennifer Hutchison, Bruce Richmond and Sharon Tal Ugado, while Ron Ames and Christopher Newman will serve as producers.

Meanwhile, Lord of the Rings composer Howard Shore will write the main theme, and Bear McCreery will score the entire series.

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