We love a good fangirl moment.

In this sneak peek from the November 23 episode of E if we’re honesthost laverne cox and comedians robin thede See the Time He Lost His Cool Filming a Sketch for HBO a black lady sketch show with the one and only Angela Bassett,

The three starred together in what Robin dubbed the comedy series, “the most iconic sketch” of 2019.bad bitch support group,” which earned Angela an 2020 Emmy Nominations For Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

Three years later and Laverne is still processing the experience. “Even after working with her,” she says in the clip, “I’m just like, ‘You’re Angela Bassett.’

Robin agrees and brings up a funny moment from the set: “Do you remember I forgot all my words when he started talking?”

But Laverne claims she was too dazed to remember, admitting, “We were all going through our own kind of things, ‘Angela Bassett sitting there.’

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