A name says a lot about a person and a family.

November 24 episode of Hulu kardashian showed the arrival of Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompsonbaby boy, who was born via surrogate in August.

While it was a celebratory time for the entire family, there were still pressing matters to address after Khloe brought home the baby.

“What are we going to name him?” Kim Kardashian asked his sister. “That’s all I need to know.”

kris jenner Wasted no time coming up with a suggestion, “How about Rob? How about Rob Kardashian-Thompson? And then call him Rob Kardashian?”

Shadow, party of one.

mother of the family did At least there is a reason to suggest the name. Moments ago she remarked, “Don’t you think he looks like to rob [Kardashian],

Kim agreed, saying, “He really is Rob’s twin.”

Khloe hasn’t revealed the name of her and Tristan’s baby yet, but she did Get your social media debut in Khloe’s Oct. 30 Instagram Stories.

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