The great western movie star legend John Wayne helped make James Arness the remarkable actor he became. However, it all happened because of an unfortunate interview that sealed their fate by deciding to go into business together. Wayne asked Arnes a “key” question that he thought was important, but that quickly made the question gunsmoke Actor uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he answered correctly, as they developed a wonderful working and personal relationship.

James Arness made his debut in the theater

John Wayne and James Arnes.  They're smiling and wearing tuxes and Arnes holds an award.
LR: John Wayne and James Arnes | Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Long before meeting Arnes Wayne, she started her career in the entertainment industry by accident. He tagged along with a friend to a local theatre, where he quickly gained attention. As a result, Arnes gave entertainment a shot, which he was able to turn into a very successful career for himself.

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