John Boyega knows exactly what he is looking for in his future woman when it comes to her physical characteristics, and is hoping that by revealing the information he will bring it into existence!

The Star Wars actor appeared on SiriusXM’s Bevelation on Radio Andy, hosted by Bevy Smith, and let it be known that his preference for women is brown and fat. Boyega and Smith had an amazing back and forth exchange full of laughs on the subject.

“Well, baby, you know, you’re going to be crazy about women now that you specifically said brown-skinned women. I read a thing that said you like them brown and plump ”

Boyega confirmed, prompting Smith to ask, why?

“Well, we have to be honest, like I am, you know, not before I say that at 27, 28,” he said. “Now I’m like, ‘No, no, you would speak this into existence.

He also quipped, “Brown and thick, melanin levels are over 75 percent. Fat levels. You have to look good.”

Boyega also talks about the way he raises his odds of landing his dream lady, after having abandoned his “boy” appeal. He said that he hoped that facial hair would help him look mature, but it turned out that facial hair had nothing to do with it.

“I thank God for the development,” he said. “Facial hair, we’re still trying to get over that. But God has done it mentally. I’m where I need to be.”

Smith urged Boyega not to be part of the “beard gang”, prompting Boyega to bring up a recent accolade.

“I shaved the other day. And I still get compliments,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘Maybe I’m one of them, I’m the equivalent of that girl who still looks good without makeup. So for me, I’ll take that home. And it was a black woman who made me look good.’ Told. He said, ‘You look good shaved. You look real good shaved.'”

Boyega said he was running with compliments, to such an extent that he could start shaving his chest further!

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