• Joe Jonas recently said that he is being considered for the role of Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man”.
  • The singer said he felt “devastated” when he lost out to Andrew Garfield.
  • Jonas thought he had a good chance because director Marc Webb had previously directed music videos.

Back in 2012, Sony Pictures released “the amazing Spider Man,” starring Andrew Garfield, who took a fresh look at the superhero after the famous Sam Raimi Trilogy,

Though Marvel Studios would eventually cast its own young web-slinger in Tom Holland, many fans still have a soft spot for Garfield’s version of the hero, which is why He returns in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. It was such a crowd-pleasing moment.

But the 2012 film and its sequel could have been very different if the studio had gone with a different actor: Joe Jonas,

Yes, the Jonas Brothers singer and “Camp Rock” star says he has been considered for the role of Peter Parker on the big screen.

The singer and actor recently spoke to The just for variety podcast about his career, and discussed losing to Garfield after auditioning for “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

Jonas explained that although it was difficult not to get the role, Garfield was clearly the right candidate.

He said: “In this moment, you are destroyed or you are lost. But you realize this guy was a genius. I remember years ago I was drawn to Spider-Man and I was so excited, And this was the year Andrew Garfield got it. Obviously, he was right.”

The “Devotion” star also explained that she thought her role was good because Marc Webb used to direct music videos before moving on to feature films like “(500) Days of Summer”.

Jonas added: ‘But I remember going back for the callback at the time was a big deal. and director [Marc Webb] Used to be a music video director, so I was like, ‘I got it here.'”

Jonas further stated that although he failed to land the role of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, he still enjoys auditioning.

He added: “But you know what? I love the process of auditioning and putting myself out there and proving myself.”

Unfortunately for fans of the actor, there are no photos of Jonas in the Spider-Man costume because he didn’t wear it as part of his audition.

Jonas said: “No, but I’m sure I have one that I’ll try sometime during the day.”

The star probably didn’t get a chance to wear the suit because Sony was focused on her famous shortlist of actorsWhich also included Jamie Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Alden Ehrenreich and Frank Dillon.

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