Jennifer Lopez, 53, and Ben Affleck, 50, enjoyed dinner together less than a week after their second wedding in Georgia. In their first public sighting since the celebration, the newlyweds were photographed sitting comfortably at a table and chatting together at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como in Italy. Once while walking near his desk, he used to hold hands and wear stylish clothes.

Jennifer wore a loose white dress with wide long sleeves and some of her hair was pulled back while other strands hung from her face. Ben was wearing a light blue sweater with a collared shirt and light-colored pants. They were surrounded by others enjoying a meal at the establishment, but only seemed enamored of each other.

Jennifer and Ben’s latest outing comes after headlines for their extravagant second marriage at Ben’s mansion. The three-day celebration took place in Riceborough and included a ceremony and a post-wedding BBQ. The family and friends of several lovebirds attended, including Ben’s BFF and Good Will Hunting co-star Matt Damon, and they all seemed to be having a great and memorable time.

Right after the celebration, however, Ben is seen leaving for Los Angeles, CA with Matt. A source told us that he had to move back to Hollywood because of “work obligations,” but his new wife understood. The insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “He had to leave the wedding early for a project he’s too busy working on and J.Lo totally figured it out.” “In fact, he encouraged her to do so because she knows how important her career is to her and to the success of their marriage.”

Luckily, though, Ben and Jennifer’s latest outing indicates that they found time to take a moment and enjoy their married bliss. Like Georgia’s wedding, their recent honeymoon is their second honeymoon, but this time it appears they went alone. The two previously spent some time abroad with their children, including Ben’s toddlers, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, and Jennifer’s 14-year-old twins, Max and Emme, when they moved to Las Vegas, NV. I had fled.

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