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Who Really Is Gus Fring?

Gustavo “Gus” Fring is a fictional character played by Giancarlo Esposito on the TV show breaking bad And better call Saul, He is a Chilean-American businessman and a major drug dealer in the Southwestern United States. They own a chain of successful fried chicken restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chicken Brothers) and an industrial laundry facility called Lavandera Brillante (Bright Laundry), which they use to launder funds for a vast drug operation. used as fronts for robbery. Outwardly, he works with Mexican cartels to distribute cocaine, but in private, he plans to get revenge on them for the murder of his business partner and lover, Maximino “Max” Arcinega, who was killed by the cartel. The leader was killed by Hector Salamanca- backed drug trade in the Southwest. So that he doesn’t have to rely on the cartel’s cocaine, he builds a secret lab under an industrial laundry to manufacture methamphetamine.

During the second season of Breaking Bad, the actor who played Tuco Salamanca quit, so Fringe was created to replace him. As a quiet businessman, Gus was created to contrast Walter White’s friend Tuco, who is a bit of a loose cannon. The character has received much acclaim, and Esposito has been nominated and won several awards for playing the role.

gus fringe is gay

Is Gus Fring Gay?

Breaking Bad fans, rejoice!

This week, “Fun and Games,” the ninth episode of Better Call Saul’s sixth season, aired AMC, During the course of the episode, it is finally made clear that Gus has always been gay. At a wine bar, Gus is flirting with a character named David in a straightforward but spontaneous manner. This is when the truth came out.

This story not only explored Gus’ sexuality but also showed a softer side to the character that had never been seen before in the Breaking Bad universe. Most people only knew Gus as a guy who was brutal and only cared about business. Unfortunately, both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad can be explained by the idea that he’s struggling with his sexuality on the inside.

Fans of the Breaking Bad show had been speculating about the character’s sexuality for a long time, and some viewers even believed it to be true. But it wasn’t until this week’s Better Call Saul episode that all the questions finally got answered. The official story of the series states that Gus is now a gay man.

Fans of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are already having a good time with memes about Gus Fring’s outing as a gay man, which was to be expected.

gus fringe is gay

character development

Gustavo Fring’s name comes from the German football player torsten fringewho played for the national team.

Because Raymond Cruz had to be in The Closer during the second season of Breaking Bad, he could not continue playing Tuco Salamanca. Therefore, the writers of Breaking Bad cut Tuco out of the show and made Gus his opposite. Tuco was a meth user and “a screaming maniac”, but Gus would be “a bit of a subdued, cold-blooded, soft-spoken businessman.”

Giancarlo Esposito was first offered a role for which he was told that the character was “very approachable and very humble.” He decided to play the role as if the character had “some kind of secret”. Esposito knew that Gus could be a growing character, even though he did not know what the secret was. He turned down offers for Gus to make guest appearances and insisted that he remain a regular on the show. Esposito used yoga moves to find Gus’s trademark calmness, which helped him to show that the character was “a very good listener”.

gus fringe is gay

The fact that Gus was kind and caring is a big part of how he grew up. After the death of his lover, Max, Gus becomes a ruthless criminal. He will do anything to avenge Max’s death, including slowly killing off Hector’s entire family. Max’s loss of Gus also made him want to start a new “family” by building his own meth business and chicken restaurant. Gus calmly adjusts his tie just before he dies, even though half his face has been blown off. Esposito thought that it was “when a person does what he has always done … an important sign of completeness in leaving this world.”

Because of how popular Gus was and how important he was to the series, he could make “flashback” appearances in future episodes. However, the idea did not materialize until 2017, when Gus returned for the third season of Better Call Saul. Gilligan thought about putting Gus in the story for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, but decided against it because he thought the film should focus only on the most important people in Jesse Pinkman’s life, and Gus among them. was not one of

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