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Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery made waves in the weeks prior to its opening in theaters due to the director’s controversial statements on Benoit Blanc.

Johnson was asked onstage at a press conference during the London Film Festival whether a specific sequence confirmed that Daniel Craig’s character was gay, to which he replied: “Yes, he clearly is.” This event took place in London.

People speculated that Ryan might be queuing up his audience in response to the assertion, which was met with a healthy amount of skepticism, but there was also plenty of excitement and enthusiasm online.

To tell you the truth, we don’t have the time (or patience) to debate whether or not the term “queerbiting” still has any relevance in the year 2022. Recontextualization, which, in our opinion, has begun to lose some of its value.

It’s fair, though, that LGBTQ+ fans would be hesitant to immediately accept Johnson’s words, given the recent congratulatory statements from major film companies.

Even if the director didn’t mind waving the rainbow flag in public, one has to wonder whether her photo would actually say anything about the character’s sexuality.

is benoit blanc gay

But now that The Glass Onion is now available to watch all over the world on Netflix, we’re happy to confirm that the answer to the question of whether or not Benny is gay is still “yes, he clearly is.”

Benoit’s sexuality is established in a very clear and convincing way at the beginning of the film, in the moment Johnson is questioned during the LFF.

The sequence takes the form of a husband appearing, and Hugh Grant is shown as the spouse. To clarify, if you’re not gay, you don’t live with a middle-aged Hugh Grant, and Hugh Grant certainly doesn’t know that you haven’t left the bathtub in weeks if you’re not gay. .

However, despite how obvious it may seem to us, there are still some viewers who aren’t convinced that Benoit living with the protagonist of the ultimate romantic comedy is a strong enough indicator. They bring up the point that despite the fact that the sequence is pretty quick, it still has the potential to be removed or replaced in overseas markets (something we’ve seen Disney do in the past).

This is a completely fair point; Still, it’s important to note that Netflix currently has no historical precedent for acting in this way, and appears to have ignored demands from specific countries to ban LGBTQ+ content.

is benoit blanc gay

We can’t speak to a person’s real feelings, but as a director whose films are known for their politically progressive stance, we find it hard to believe that Rian Johnson, whose stance is The history of adoption is their work, will allow it to pass without making a statement.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to two more things. Benoit’s sexuality may not be directly addressed in any other part of the film (for example, there is no heated encounter between Craig and Grant), but that doesn’t mean it is unimportant to the story. In particular, it is used to highlight Kate Hudson’s character Birdie, and to indicate to the audience how oblivious she is to the world around her.

She repeatedly strikes out at Benoit, leaving him perplexed, misinterpreting her meaning in both actions and words. This running gag occurs several times during the film. The clearest illustration of this is when he originally hints that she could commit murder and represent a threat, and in response, she lashes her eyelids and asks, “Are you saying that Am I dangerous, Mr. Blank?” Seductively, like she was a 1950s femme fatale.

It’s a pretty comical sequence, but viewers need to know that Benoit was looking at Dave Bautista’s weapon in the water about 15 minutes earlier for this to make any sense as a scenario.

Johnson has quite a bit of mastery in this regard. He affirms Benoit’s sexuality in a way that makes it seem like it shouldn’t be a big problem, and he does it in a way that’s important to the plot, but that doesn’t feel forced or alienate the audience. comes

is benoit blanc gay

This is all to argue that any allegation of “querbiting” on Johnson’s part seems unfair, unprepared, and short-sighted. Especially considering the director’s track record when it comes to tackling important social subjects in his films.

While we’re at it, we can’t hide the fact that we’re glad to see James Bond himself playing a character who’s gay and content with his life. Would you like us to remind you of the totally iconic loyalty that Daniel Craig displays on a consistent basis? (And no, we don’t just mean marrying Rachel Weisz.)

If you had asked any gay audience members if they got a vibe from Benoit at any point in this movie, they undoubtedly would have rolled their eyes in response. All this analysis is also funny because of this fact. Blank’s entire character is that of a demonstrative Southern dandy, which is the single most obvious indication that someone is gay if you’ve ever had any sort of conversation with a gay man over the age of fifty.

This mood certainly extends to other aspects of his appearance, such as his many, many cravats, which are eye-catching, as well as the salmon shirt and mask that match each other.

Benoit’s sense of style is undeniably flamboyant, certainly more so than his autumnal wardrobe in the first film, and certainly a big one to think that there’s no one way for LGBTQ+ people to dress. The jump isn’t that the character is making a deliberate choice when he, for example, does an excellent blue-striped coordinate to take a dip in the pool. Benoit’s sense of style is undeniably flamboyant, certainly more so than

Benoit Blanc is undeniably a member of the LGBT community, there’s no question about it. And we regard him as ours.

A Knives Out Mystery, also known as Glass Onion, is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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