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Resetting your Android phone when it is locked can be a difficult operation. You may feel helpless if you have forgotten your Android phone’s password, pattern or PIN. Thankfully, restarting your phone when it’s locked is possible with some effort. There are several methods to unlock your locked Android phone, such as using your Google Account and booting into recovery mode. A good option is to use third-party software, such as PassFab Android Unlock, to bypass the lock screen and restore the phone to factory settings.

Part 1: How to reset Android phone when it is locked [3 Methods]

Forgetting your Android phone’s password, pattern, or PIN can be frustrating and leave you feeling stuck. Still, there are several methods for resetting your phone when it’s locked. In this post, we’ll review three effective ways to unlock your locked Android phone, including using your Google account information, entering recovery mode, and using third-party software applications such as passfab android unlock,

How to reset Android phone without password

Method 1: Reset your Android phone if it’s locked with PassFab Android Unlock [Easy&Fast]

If your phone is locked, you may be unable to use or access important data on it. While many methods exist for unlocking an Android phone, a software solution like PassFab Android Unlock can be a quick and easy option. The tool is compatible with most Android devices and can help you reset your lock screen password, pattern or PIN without affecting your device.

Steps to reset Android phone when it is locked

step 1: Download and install the software on your computer before using PassFab Android Unlock.

step 2: Run a program and select the “Remove screen lock” button. Next, connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cord.

step 3: To begin, select “Remove screen lock” on newer Samsung smartphones or other Android devices, and then click “Get Started.”

Now you will get a reminder: “Removing the lock screen password will delete all data on the device. Are you sure you want to proceed?” Click “Yes” to proceed.

step 4: After a few moments, your Android lock screen will be gone. To complete the process, click “Done”.

Method 2: Reset locked Android phone with recovery mode

Another way to unlock your locked Android phone is by booting into recovery mode. To enter this mode, the first thing you need to do is turn off your phone. Next, press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons (if your smartphone has them) at the same time until your device vibrates and the Recovery Mode screen is displayed. Select the option “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm your choice. This will wipe your phone’s data including your lock screen password. But this method is difficult for some people.

Method 3: Reset Android phone when locked out of Google Account

If you previously set up and enabled the “Find My Device” function on your Android phone, you can reset it using your Google Account. To do this, go to the “Find My Device” website on a computer or another device and sign in with the same Google Account that’s registered with your locked phone. Select your device and then click on the “Erase Device” button. This will erase all data from your phone including your lock screen password, allowing you to start over with your device.

Part 2: Additional Tips to Unlock Android Phone

Q1: Is there any universal unlock pattern for Android?

Answer: No, Android does not have a universal unlock pattern. To maintain device security, each device has its own unlock pattern, or PIN, which is generated at random. If your smartphone is locked and you need to unlock it quickly, use a simple and quick solution PassFab Android Unlock.

Q2: How do I unlock my Android phone if I forget the pattern?

Answer: If you’ve forgotten your Android phone’s pattern, you can try entering the wrong pattern five times. After the fifth attempt, if you do not remember your Google Account information, you will be prompted to enter your Google Account information to unlock your smartphone. You can download Passfab Android Unlock, which is a great way to quickly unlock your Android phone.

Q3: How to remove Android pattern lock without losing data?

Answer: PassFab can also unlock Android pattern lock without erasing Android unlock data. Connect your locked Android phone to your computer and start the PassFab Android Unlock app to use this feature. To enter recovery mode, follow the on-screen instructions. After the process is complete the pattern lock on your device will be removed.

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In conclusion, being locked out of your Android phone is a typical problem that can be solved using a variety of methods. discuss this article How to reset your Android phone when it’s locked And three successful solutions to factory reset your locked Android phone, including PassFab Android Unlock, a simple and fast alternative to unlocking your phone without losing any data (early Samsung devices). You can unlock your locked Android phone and resume using it by following the steps in this article. Don’t let a locked phone prevent you from accessing yourself; Try these methods to gain access.

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