If it bleeds, we can kill it. Pitching one of the greatest Predators in the Galaxy vs. Comanche Warriors in the 1700s, Hulu’s Hunt takes Predator back in time. New time period, the same deadly predator is chasing the most challenging prey it can find. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Pre tells the story of the first hunt of a predator species on Earth. And we’re here to break down the plus dive that ends on the Easter eggs we’ve seen in this epic adventure!

Explanation of the ending of Prey Movie

It’s the year 1719 in the northern Great Plains, and a hunter has left here on Earth to find and hunt down the planet’s top predator—you know, pretty standard hunter-style stuff.

And in fact, the origin story in Prey is pretty standard hunter-style stuff too, in a good way—a fierce human warrior uses his intelligence and his environment to hunt down and kill a deadly alien warrior whose only The objective is to be there to hunt and kill. As we mentioned in our full Pre review, the film takes Predator back to its roots. It’s all about the hunting.

Our main character is Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), a Comanche warrior and hunter whose family thinks it should leave the hunt to the boys. As for our hero, she is the one who begins to discover that there is something in the forest that could very well haunt her tribe. She is also the one who eventually figures out how to defeat the predator, and this includes a sliver of orange blossom that when consumed is sufficient to prevent a person’s body temperature from being detected by the predator’s heat. can be dropped.

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The final battle begins as Naru and his brother Tabe (Dakota Beaver) both engage the hunter. Tabe keep to themselves for a while but you know these hunter fights are all fun and games until someone gets in. That’s exactly what happens.

After escaping for some time, Naru prepares for the final confrontation, eating a bunch of flowers, while also using a trap as bait to lure the hunter. This allows Naru to use a special pistol (more on this pistol below) to set up the moon canopy in the back of the alien’s head. She then steals the Predator’s hull, which is different from the helmets we’ve seen Predators wear in the past, but that aids in targeting their ranged projectiles.

As the alien follows her (the moon-roof wasn’t enough), Naru attacks from above, injuring her. She eventually drives it into the swamp, which slows down long enough to set off the killing blow for Naru, using the bone rudder to redirect the alien’s targeted projectile bolt so that they hit their own forehead. Let air inside.

So like other installments in the Predator franchise, the victorious hunter must figure out how alien technology works and find ways to defeat it. That precedent was set back in Predator 1, and Naru plans to do what the Dutch do in the future of this movie. got it?

It’s all about those orange flowers though. So apparently, he allows Naru to do the same thing he does in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch Predator 1 when he covers himself in mud to lower his body temperature and avoid that hunter’s scanner and sight. .

Finally, after defeating the hunter, Naru beheads him and takes him back to his village. She is celebrated as a warrior and warns her people of the dangers brought by both aliens and trappers.

pre and credits scene

During the first batch of final credits, an animated rehash of the events of the film unfolds. It’s really cool, but the last thing we see is a shot of hunter ships coming out of a group of clouds…right above the Comanche tribe’s camp. Does this mean that Naru and his men are finally doomed? Or maybe there could be a sequel in the works featuring these characters? Time will tell!

hunting easter eggs

There were two big references to the Predator movies we picked out in Pre.

The first is a reference to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous lines from the first film, when the same line is said by Taube: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

And of course the second big one is a reference to Predator 2. This is the pistol that Naru throws at the elders… after slamming the hunter’s head as well. It is the same pistol with the same inscription that Danny Glover receives as a reward for killing his own hunter 300 years later. Now, that means that at some point hunters must have come back to Earth to retrieve that gun… Fun Easter Egg? Absolutely. Bad news for Naru and his clan? big time.

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