Whether you need to watch movies on request for occasions or on request to release them, we’ve got you covered. Starting in 2007, transformer The series has gone on to produce six films, including a spin-off highlight for Honey Bee Person.

With several other projects currently being developed, it is clear that this series is not ending any point in the near future. in the same way transformer Proving enduringly popular in your neighborhood toy aisle, these shapeshifting robots have had a lifespan comparable to their appearances in the movies.

In the interest of solving that issue, here’s a top-to-bottom associate of how to watch each movie in the Transformers series sequentially, as requested by occasions and requested by release date. It has never been so easy to feel the brilliantly funny legend of this establishment.

transformers movies In successive releases:


The major spin-off set in the setting returns things to the 1980s, ten years after the Transformers live-action series originally appeared. Bee falls to earth and meets human teen in this 1987 film Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld).

as the two become unlikely partners Charlie learns to move on from the death of her biological father and the bees learn how to be protectors of the earth Optimus Prime Admitted he may be.

how many transformers movies are there


Striking appearance of 2006 chevrolet camaro, ebay, And in the runtime of Transformers, then-President George W. A substitute for Shrubbery. The movie is completely based on the fact that you must realize that it clearly takes place in the year 2007, twenty years after Bee.

We are introduced to geeky secondary school student Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), the protagonist of the first three Transformers movies, Mikaela Shrap (Megan Fox), and a small group of soulless Autobots attempt to find the stronger Allspark.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

set against a scene from The Revenge of the Fallen 2009And that means you can guess brief news footage of it, along with references to the 2007 worldwide recession President Obama.

Set two years after the original film, Sam Witwicky is currently attending school. However, when he all spark and behaves unpredictably.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: takes place three years after the events of Dark of the Moon Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Sam Whitwicki has finished school and is currently looking for a job. Despite saving the world on two separate incidents, he somehow finds it challenging to stick to a solid job.

At the same time, Sam is also dealing with his new girlfriend, Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whitley), and another scheme by the Decepticons to bring the original cybertron For B, is actually destroying the planet.

how many transformers movies are there

like your forefathers, moon shadow Begins its story with a prologue set in the distant past. This time, there’s a 1960s Space Race concentration, with the film revealing that the moon was actually the secret crash site of an Autobot transport calld ark.

Contains a whole range of verifiable data to turn to the past John F Kennedy, Richard M Nixon, And Buzz Aldrin, The last choice figure to appear as himself to help explain the plan.

age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction receives activity after five years Shadow of the Moon With that opportunity comes another hero. Say goodbye and welcome Sam Witwicky cad yeager (Imprint Wahlberg), a single Texas father with an inexplicably thick Boston accent.

she, his little girl Tessa (Nicola Peltz)and her lover Shane (Jack Raynor) Come clean in another Transformers experience after Yeager stumbles upon the hibernating Optimus Prime. When the Autobot Pioneer stirs, he and the three men reunite with a pair of remaining Autobots to face another adversary.

CIA operative Harold Ettinger (Kelsey Syntax) has joined forces with a mechanical abundance tracker named for clearing each one out. Transformer. yeager and the Autobots face off against Lockdown and a resurrected Megatron (currently called Galvatron) inb

involved in this fight in the long run dinobots and closes with Prime going into space to challenge his makers.

how many transformers movies are there

the last night

setting up after a crazy introduction how transformer King was Arthur’s fundamental partner, the last night The streaks set forth and a vague measure of time, usually for a period set near the present. : age of Extinction.

Yeager is currently helping the Autobot clear out his junkyard. Optimus Prime, lost in space chasing its makers, caught by the abominable Quintessa (Gemma Chan) and turned evil. Before long, Prime and Yeager are competing in a test of skill and stamina to obtain an old sword, which Prime intends to destroy Earth together to revive Cybertron.

During a journey to make all the difference, Yeager and new old flame Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) Find an association run by Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) Dedicated to protecting the secret that every significant occasion in mankind’s set of experiences involved Transformers.

Although we are informed that shapeshifting robots were involved in everything from the existence of the Underground Railroad to William ShakespeareThe main example of this trait the crowd gets to see is a short flashback showing Honey Bee fighting in close combat. The United Powers in World War II.

transformers movies in release request

amazingly realistic transformer The movies make the most of the time it takes to fully explore its incredibly thick legend, yet Opportunity has almost one continuous story. This is a way to view series by request by release date.

Transformers – 3 July 2007

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – June 24, 2009

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – June 29, 2011

how many transformers movies are there

Transformers: Age of Extinction – June 27, 2014

Transformers: The Last Knight – June 21, 2021

Honey Bee – December 21, 2018


There are six full length Transformers movies out now. Two future films are officially confirmed, including Transformers: Ascent of the Monsters (2023) and now untitled Lively film (2024).

However, quite a few more movies could follow: Deadline has Ascent of the Monsters lined up as the start of another set of three, while THR reports that Vitale is working on a separate Transformers project. b0y is made of. marco ramirez (Netflix’s The Safeguards) and coordinated by the late messenger Manuel Soto (Appeal City Kings).

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