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Hollywood Celebrity Funny Fails in Stage Show

Even celebrities make mistakes from time to time. For this list, we’re focusing on the most embarrassing and ridiculous instances of when public figures fell out. These do not have to be related to music; They can be considered so long as the famous person appears on stage in some capacity.

justin bieber vomit

Such a way to start your tour! The teen pop sensation contracted the worst kind of Bieber fever while performing in Glendale, Arizona, on the first night of his Believe Tour. He turns and turns away from the audience before leaving the stage singing “out of town girl, However, his backing dancers unintentionally experience a historic moment as they continue to perform their choreography despite vomiting on stage. But what really stands out is how the BBs “sing” when passing gas! Imagine throwing up in front of 20,000 people; It is quite uncomfortable in front of friends.

Iggy Azalea Has Earphone Problems

If you think failing in front of 20,000 people is awful, imagine screwing up in front of fifteen million people! Iggy Azalea’s earpiece broke during a live performance offancyOn the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars”. He tried to match his vocals to the backing track, then pulled out his earpiece and held his ear to his ear, apologizing that it wasn’t working properly. Despite the setback, Iggy deserves praise for the way she handled the situation and bounced back. At least now we’re certain she was singing.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

in 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing together at the Super Bowl halftime performance when Timberlake unintentionally tore off a piece of Jackson’s dress, exposing her breasts to over 140 million people and setting a new benchmark for failure. . The media had a field day with it, Oh Howdy. Others saw the $550,000 fine imposed by the FCC against CBS at the time as evidence of the country’s deteriorating morals. The creator of the now-famous website, Jawed Karim, says that the incident served as the inspiration for him to start YouTube. so there you go.

billie joe armstrong has a rant

When Armstrong saw that Green Day only had a minute left in their performance at the iHeartRadio Festival, he decided not to wait and instead launched into a furious rant. Billie Joe takes an unnecessary sarcasm at Justin Bieber, then smashes his guitar, lashes out at the promoters, and leaves the stage in a huff. The frontman soon entered rehab, later telling Rolling Stone that he “couldn’t remember a syllable that came out of his mouth”, while bassist Mike Dirnt claimed that he had seen his friend being “humiliated”.

The Infamous SNL “Performance” by Ashlee Simpson

Warning. Warning. Imminent career-enders in 3, 2, and 1. The songs “Piece of Me” and “Autobiography” were scheduled to be performed by Simpson during a segment on “Saturday Night Live”. However, just as she was about to start “Autobiography”, the vocals for “Piece of Me” start playing once more, indicating that she may have lip-synced the previous song, which is completely unacceptable. She dances or, you know, sings uncomfortably instead of acknowledging it before leaving the stage. She continues by faulting her band for choosing the wrong music at the episode’s conclusion, as if that weren’t terrifyingly cringe-worthy already!

Wrong Miss Universe winner has been revealed by Steve Harvey

If you want unforgettable cramps then look no further. 2015 Miss Universe pageant: Steve Harvey made a mistake when announcing the winner of Miss Colombia. Harvey barged her way back on stage and announced that there had been a mistake and that Miss Philippines was in fact the winner as she accepted her crown, smiled at the audience, and enjoyed the best moments of her life. Miss Colombia was inconsolable, Miss Philippines was shocked, and the other contestants were wobbling in their seats. Hey, those “Family Feud” ratings must have skyrocketed, though.

Elizabeth Taylor Was Drunk at the Golden Globes

At the Golden Globes, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to consume more than a few spritzers, but according to legend, none did so quite like Elizabeth Taylor in 2001. The Hollywood actress from the golden era looked a little disoriented as she stood on stage to present the award for Best Motion Picture Drama. She skipped the candidates and went straight to the envelope. Luckily, Dick Clark pops out of the wings to remind Taylor of the crucial opening move. Taylor definitely nailed this award presentation, but she did it with her distinct brand of snark and fun. She may have been too bombastic to remember anything.

mariah carey rockin’ the bomb on new year’s eve

This is undoubtedly one of the worst musical flops in history, with Mariah Carey tripping from the get-go and apparently handling nothing more than an angry expression. Then, between jittery rants about not soundchecking beforehand, blaming the monitors, and wishing for a vacation, she begins singing brief, random bits of the song. The icing on the cake is the fact that despite her dancers’ best efforts to avert disaster, she doesn’t even try. She may not have been “excellent” or “conventionally professional,” but she certainly was “Maria.”

miguel added his fans

Even though the previous incidents were embarrassing, at least no one was injured. Although that has changed. Miguel was performing at the Billboard Music Awards when he lost control and tried to jump over several members of the crowd. Sadly, he made the wrong decision and hit Khyati Shah across the face from the inside of the thigh. He also hit his head against the stage, reportedly causing brain trauma. To make matters worse, he hugs another woman, whom he apparently believes to be the victim of his assault. A third woman, Cindy Tsai, eventually filed a lawsuit against the artist and the venue for unpaid medical costs and lost wages.

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