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Since Peter Parker Has Mary Jane, It Seems Only Marvel’s Version Spider ManThose who are gay should also get a chance to find love. And regardless of whether he’s hunting for Mr. Right or, in this instance, “Rendezvous on the Roof,” it should make his story that much more enjoyable.

In June, Marvel announced that the company’s first gay Spider-Man would appear in the comic book series Age of the Spider-Verse. The new hero, a fashion designer given the codename “Web-Weaver”, fights criminals wearing bespoke clothing.

gay spiderman

The comic book powerhouse gave readers a glimpse into the Web-Weaver’s origin story a month ago, releasing first-look photos from the upcoming issue #5 of Age of the Spider-Verse, written by Steve Fox and illustrated by it was done. K Zama,

The issue was made available for purchase on October 5 and can be viewed on Marvel’s website.

But to pique the interest of the viewers, Nigam saved one more secret for the last.

In the preview, the Web-Weaver tries to take his mind off a difficult week by orchestrating the crimes; It’s something we can all relate to because we’ve all been there. Along the way, he runs into a hunky fellow law enforcement officer named Silk, and a spark flares up between the two of them.

gay spiderman

In a related development, Tom Holland has stated that Spider-Man should be gay because “the world is not as simple as a heterosexual white man’s.”

Silk is the gender-flipped version of Cindy Moon/Silk, who made her debut in 2014 in Amazing Spider-Man #1. Cindy Moon/Silk made their initial appearance in 2014.

However, in this version, web-weaver A male refers to Silk as “hopelessly hot” and notes that she appears to be “rooftop material”.

The two have a playful exchange on the latest trends in face masks before Resham invites the web-weaver to “do some patrolling” with them. Weaver decides against it, but soon comes to regret her choice.

Check it out:

gay spiderman

We’re Relieved That The Spider-Man Franchise Will Finally Include Something Open lgbt descriptive element. Since the beginning of its existence, the company has successfully attracted attention from the gay community, which it acknowledged by including the gay pride flag in its most successful video game, Spider-Man Remastered.

A homophobic modder was painstakingly prompted to remove the flag as a result, though the consequences of his foolish act were not favorable to him.

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