Whoopi Goldberg did not hold back keke palmer some sex advice

During the latest episode of his podcast, baby, it’s keke palmerThe No The star reflects on her relationship with intimacy and shares words of wisdom she learned from it sight host.

“My identification with sex — it was always based on, ‘Oh, I just have to do this service,'” she said during the Nov. 22 episode. “All the joy I had in that era, it was, at that time, ‘I’m glad they’re happy.'”

Keke continued, “Then that was disappointing and not enough, because I realized, like, ‘Well, wait a minute… it’s not, you know what I’m saying?’ So it’s been a journey of trying to find what works for me.”

The actress then revealed the advice from Whoopi that has stuck with her.

“I’ll never forget, I was on sight Once, and they were chatting about sex, a really great conversation,” Keke said. “And Whoopi Goldberg said, ‘Please start with pleasuring yourself.’ And I was like, that’s true.”

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