teams is expected to receive over 20 new features and improvements over the next month, including the rollout of its new Teams Premium Add-on,

What makes Teams interesting is its constant evolution through new features being introduced by Microsoft. And we’re not just talking about one or two. The communication app is one of the favorite products from Microsoft which always adds a huge number of features every month. In fact, it’s only happened this month eight features is now rolling out to customers in general availability, and there are Three Already fully released. What’s more, the number of these features could soon increase before January ends as the 11 new Teams abilities are still under development, though are labeled to achieve their general availability this month. And in February, more are coming.

According to the latest Microsoft 365 roadmap, Teams users can expect more than 20 new features over the next month, including the new Teams Premium, which will bring a number of new advanced capabilities. In addition, other things coming to the communication platform include class and lecture meeting templates for the Teams education platform, profile card expanded viewVirtual appointments, calendar level analysis, and more. Here’s the full list of features coming in February, along with their brief descriptions.

  • Video filters in Microsoft Teams Meetings. Users will be able to enhance their video streams with visual effects.
  • Busy-on-busy end user setting. Gives users new options to manage incoming calls when they are currently in a meeting or another call.
  • Uploading files on an approval request through the Power Automate portal. Files uploaded through the Power Automate portal will appear in the details window of the approval request.
  • Suggested files. An extension to Suggested Replies in Chat that will detect and suggest files related to your conversations.
  • PowerPoint Live Slide Magnification. Allows attendees to magnify slides privately and presenters to do so for everyone in the meeting.
  • Tab for anonymous users. Allows developers to show the tab experience to anonymous users in team meetings.
  • Virtual Appointment App. The new one-stop location for professionals and administrators to access various appointment functions such as managing and setting appointments, viewing appointment insights and analytics, sending appointment reminders, and more. Users will get dedicated Teams/Surface devices and web/desktop versions.
  • See Switcher updated interface for Teams Rooms on Windows. The improvement is intended to make it easier to control and customize views in a meeting.
  • New SMS option for Parent Connection invitation channel. Administrators can now select email or SMS as the preferred parent connection invitation channel when enabling the parent-teacher communication feature on Teams.
  • Improvements to the presenter window. The Presenter window utility is getting new improvements in screen sharing, with controls now located at the top and raise hand notifications exposed.
  • Virtual Appointment Analytics Takeback. The Virtual Appointment Analytics report will be converted to a Teams premium functionality.
  • Virtual appointment calendar level analysis. A report that shows trends over time and also provides the ability to drill down into individual appointment data.
  • Microsoft Teams Premium Availability. An add-on that will provide more features like branded meetings, intelligent recap and search, live translated captions, enhanced meeting security and enhanced webinar and enhanced virtual appointment experience.
  • Virtual Appointment (Desktop). A new team meeting type designed for B2C meetings with people outside the organization.
  • Frontline worker audience targeting. A new capability for frontline worker communicators to identify target audiences through the use of location, job code and department. Coming to Outlook as well.
  • Notification targeted at the meeting. Allows users to send in-meeting notifications to specific individuals in the meeting through the bot.
  • Actionable missed call notification in Activity. Users will get the option to call back on missed calls directly from the activity feed.
  • Profile card expanded view. Allows users to view more details about other individuals’ profiles along with rich organization chart information.
  • Class and lecture meeting templates. New templates are coming to Teams for Education.
  • Improved team flyout design. Teams for desktop is getting visual layout enhancements for better app engagement and more app discovery.
  • Survival Arm Tool Call Control. New controls with survivable branch tools will be accessible when users encounter a network outage. This includes accessing the contact search, dialing by name, and calling from call history.

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