Harry Shum Jr. has finally made mom proud. The Crazy Rich Asians star joked to ET’s Denny Directo that his latest gig as a recurring role as a medical resident on Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy meant he had given up on his parents’ dream of becoming a doctor. has achieved.

“I made my mom and dad really happy. They’re so happy,” he said with a laugh, promoting his new crime thriller podcast, Realms Echo Park. “They’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s what we wanted!’ But my sister is an OR nurse and so it’s really exciting to see her enthusiasm and to realize that I’m finally doing something legitimate.”

Shum played Benson “Blue” Kwan, who has been described as “a quick-witted, impatient and brilliant” first-year surgical resident. According to the official character description, his character is “generous by nature, but competitive to a fault, naturally gifted and victorious in everything”, hinting at past “family woes”. That “interfered with her career plans and now she’s got a lot to prove.”

The 40-year-old actor shared an insight into his character’s unique nickname, Blue. “It’s not just because she’s wearing blue in the scrub right now,” quipped Shum. “He comes from a background where he got the nickname blue, because he won a lot of blue ribbons. That was … some L.”

Shum also revealed that he has already worked with Ellen Pompeo, who will play a lesser role in the new season. When asked about sharing the scene with Meredith Gray, he confirmed, “We have.” “She’s so sweet and she comes with so much energy and wonderful advice.”

While Shamm is busy scrubbing at grays, she also recently launched a new scripted podcast, Echo Park, a crime thriller set in a non-futuristic Los Angeles where clones exist and live on the outskirts of society. Huh. A civilian counselor harboring a secret addiction to the LAPD, James (Shum) relies on Terence – his genetic clone – to help him pass mandatory drug tests. But when Terence suddenly disappears, and several clones are left dead, the clues left in his wake lead to an even more cold-blooded conspiracy than murder.

Shum agreed that Echo Park gives off “Westworld vibes,” but what sets it apart is that “you don’t know if you might have a clone in there.” “It was a lot of fun recording,” the actor said. “[A] wealth of characters but this whole world is fascinating to me.”

Shum also serves as an executive producer on the podcast and stated that “the narrative podcast boom has been really exciting.” “So many people are in their cars, so many people are just taking walks, which is so beautiful, but being able to use your imagination has been really beautiful,” he said. “And to do these different character voices behind the booth — to argue with myself — is what I now have to do for a living as opposed to doing it myself at home.”

He didn’t shy away from the prospect of expanding Echo Park to more than just one podcast a day, Should the Stars Align, as many other narrative podcasts have been turned into proper TV shows. (See: Amazon Prime Video’s Homecoming, Apple TV+’s Wecrashed, Hulu’s The Dropout, and more.)

“I’d love that,” said The Everything Everywhere All At Once star. “We’re talking about it right now, but we’re excited to get it out there so people can interpret their own take on what we [are] able to do. The team at Realm is amazing because of the sound design, I’m learning a lot about their lighting and how they shade it with voices, it’s really beautiful.”

But if he were to interact with a genetic clone in real life, Shum said he’d “have a beer” with it. “But it’s so weird. It’s like looking at this monitor and it turns its head when you don’t turn your head. That’s the difference.”

For an update on the anticipated Crazy Rich Asians follow-up to Blockbuster 2018, screenwriter Amy Wang has been tapped to pen the script. And in May, it was reported that a new sequel spinoff film starring Charlie Wu and Gemma Chan’s Astrid Young following their post-credits scene in Crazy Rich Asians was in early development.

“They’re currently writing [Crazy Rich Asian 2] and they’re feverishly trying to fix it,” Shum said. “There’s just so many characters, so many things to put out of the book and whether or not it’s going to make it. But I’m really excited, the team is excited, the producers are really ready and willing to try and get this thing.” going on.”

Echo Park is available wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. The podcast, which delivers new episodes every week until October 13, is also available to Realm+ and Realm Unlimited subscribers.

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