Google has now found a new way to serve ads to its customers on the Play Store: the search bar. The change is included in the search giant’s April Google System Update, which introduced a handful of improvements. However, some may not see this as a genuine part of these enhancements, given that the space is already offering ads in its various sections.

The Play Store is full of recommendations, and Google wants to take it a bit further by bringing them into the location’s search bar. According to the changelog of the company’s recent system update, Search will now include “suggestions for apps with limited time events as well as sponsored suggestions”.

In reports Shared by people who are already experiencing ads (via neovin), suggestions can be seen the very moment you tap for the search bar. They appear above previous searches and are labeled as “ads” with a rating and number of downloads. In the sample shown above, an app for the NBA could be viewed on the same day the search was performed due to limited playing times.

While this news may disappoint some of the frequent visitors to the Play Store, it is important to note that such ads have always been a part of the place. For example, as pointed out by 9to5googleStreaming apps with limited-time events appear as cards in the main feed. However, in this update, Google is providing more ways to make these recommendations more visible to customers. Still, one positive thing is that these ads will disappear as soon as you start typing for your specific search.

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