gentle returns to netflix With the new season out November 10, and more, the Sakers Morales family is set to capture the most extreme adventures in the pursuit of love, life and purpose American Dream, We can’t wait to see the cast back in action Gentified Season 2.

comedy-drama series created by Marvin Lemus And Linda Yvette Chavez, The first premiered in February 2020 and resulted in an instant addicting melodrama. Gentefied also counts Ugly Betty and Superstore star America Ferrera as an administrative mentor and director.

Picking up where last season left off, Gentified Season 2 Will continue to follow the ups and downs of Morales’ relatives and his ancestors as they watch the ups and downs of his family business, personal life, and everything in between.

As with any new season of a Netflix show, suckers are probably wondering which cast members they can see back in Season 2 and how many new characters will appear in the new season. so you need to know about Gentified Season 2 Cast.

Gentified Season 2 Cast

all our favorite characters will be back Season 2 of Gentified. Currently, the main cast of the series thus remains the four main members of the Morales family.

Joaquin Cosio as Casimiro” pop morales

  • JJ Soria as Eric Morales
  • as Carrie Martin ana morales
  • carlos santos as Chris Morales

gentrified cast

Still, even the suckers should be eager to look ahead. julisa calderon Ana Gonzalez as Erica’s girl, Jessica Castillo as Erica’s girl, Lydia Solis Bianca Melgar as naili moraleS, Laura Patalano as Beatriz Morales, Rafael Siegler as Pancho Solis, Brenda Banda as Norma, and Al Patino as Chue.

The alternate season also introduces a sprinkling of new characters that we’ll either love, hate to love, or love to hate, depending on who you are. then there are artists of new artists

  • Clarissa Thibaux as Bree Solano
  • Ernesto Morales as Manuel Uriza
  • Ivana Rojas as Sara Damian
  • Melinna Bobadilla as Melinna Barragan

Perhaps one of the biggest new characters of note is Ernesto Morales, Pop’s oldest son. Ernesto left East LA in the fave of the cities of Boise to follow his dreams. Too, Sarai Damian is a career-oriented cook who may be the love interest for a certain Morales.

What is season 2 about?

While the series left off on some major suspensers, the cast and show’s generators were apt to reunite to give suckers a taste of it. season 2 With a virtual table read of one of the upcoming season’s events.

hosted by George LopezThis show premiered netflix May 2021 is a joke youtube channel that has trouble raising mindfulness project rustic, The non-profit of Boyle Heights aims to address the impact of COVID-19 on low-income residents of the community.

What’s in store for Season 2? Morales relative- Eric, Chris and Ana— will accompany Pop as he fights to stay in the country,” while dealing with new love, new kids, disgruntled fathers, and, of course, tracking down Bad Bunny at a Halloween party.“According to the summary.

gentrified cast

They will fight to thrive, but along the way question where they really are in a world made of boundaries, family separation, and the inherent loss of their cherished taco shop, Mama Fina. Because what’s life without free tacos?”

Soria, Carlos Santos, Carrie Martin, Joaquin Cosio, Julisa Calderon, Annie Gonzalez, Laura Patalano and Felipe Esparza will return for alternate seasons.

As for new faces this alternate season? Clarissa Thibeaux Bree Solano, Manuel Uriza portrays Chris’s father Ernesto Morales, Ivana Rojas portrays Chris’ love interest Sarai Damian, and Melina Bobadilla portrays Chris. mellina barragan

premiere date

The cast begins rephotographing with February 2021 America Returning to the director’s chair. New events will occur on Wednesday, November. 10.

season 1 recap

Set in Boyle Heights, Gent-fied follows mexican american family as they come to terms with love, identity and the “American Dream” inside their fractious community. Casimiro ” pop Morales is a partner and owner of the taco shop, which is named after his ladylove, Mama Fina.

the progenitors of pop Eric, Ana and Chris. Ana is a budding artist, Eric is a soon-to-be father with his on/off gal Lydia, and Chris is conforming in life Boyle Heights.

The three relatives are often at loggerheads with each other, but when Mama Fina fare Doubts, the future of the shop is suddenly in jeopardy and all three jump in to help save the shop.

gentrified cast

While all three struggle over how to help, they are fiercely in love. pop And do everything they can to support it. all seasonEric and Chris Each comes up with different ideas on how to save the shop. Eric believes he can get through tough times by working hard, and chris wants mama finnaTo create enough plutocrats to rent is to lean into gentrification.

At the same time, Ana deals with relationship problems with her girl Yesica, a worker, while managing her own growing artist. career, Anna gets noticed by some white benefactors and must decide whether she wants to put her career above her community.

But they are not the only ones involved in fermentation. all season long, Eric and LydiaThe on/off relationship of is hot and cold. Lydia fairly educated and Eric No, which is the reason for the separation between the braces. Lydia longs for a life outside Boyle Heights for herself and her son, while Eric He is comfortable where he is. But their love for their future son unites them through it all.

Everything goes awry when Mama Fina gets a spot on the hot L.A. food stint” Boyle Heights Kaur “, hosted by LA Weekly, The core demographic of Food Stents are the same gentrifiers the crew has been trying to master all season.

Morales’ relatives see this as a way to thrive in their changing circumstances, but Yesica sees it as treason. she organizes kicks with other Boyle Heights local, but Chris and Eric Get wind of his plan and counterattack. they produce a videotaped announcement that uses Latinx Concepts to generate discussion. They announce the shop as a place where they can enjoy food while attending live kicks.

gentrified cast


There are several new additions to the cast. mellina bobadila plays MelinnaA nonprofit advocate with a fierce loyalty to her communityY Ivana Rojas The cast has been added as Sarai, a food truck owner who becomes inexplicably infatuated with Chris.

Clarissa Thibeaux plays brie, a quirky announcing superintendent who can be seen flirting with Ana in the caravan. Pop’s estranged older son Ernesto, played by manuel urizaalso appears, promising to bestow tons of negative virtue.

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